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What do you think about doing animal sacrifices in wiccan rituals? I personaly don't do animal sacrifices and don't support it but here in Brazil there are lots of "wiccan" people that do animal sacrifices, they agree with this practice and give support to it. I'd like to know what do you think about it. Thanks guys!

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I agree such practice goes against the Rede.

while i realize that long ago some used animal sacrafice as a divination tool, i think we've evolved past that.  i question anyone who feels the need to sacrafice animals.  as previously stated, it seems to violate the wiccan rede.  i wonder how those who sacrafice animals justify this practice in light of the rede.



I dislike animal sacrifices, I don't practice it. I agree with the Rede.


sorry true Wiccan do not do sacrifices : That kind of thinking is what got us in trouble many years ago.

The rede is specific about that "DO NO HARM"  to any living thing, including yourself.

If you do sacrifices then it's not Wicca...it's witchcraft not the same ....you can do witchcraft and not be Wiccan (religion)

 or you can be both but the REDE is to be followed ...

Absolutely right! The Rede is clear enough. If people are doing sacrifices they are not Wiccan! 


Off topic!

why is it off topic? This person asked about animal sacrifices we gave an answer....why the Boooo ...? I noticed you answered lots of topics i posted on that you said off topic too.Do you a problem with someone here?

No specific person or target!

ok thanks

Blood sacrifices are extreme 'old' practices that needs to be avoided and replaced by new 'uncruel' practices, that can may mimic an offer to the Gods. Blood sacrifices were practiced in antiquity widely though. However I believe that they aren't necessary to reach the goal of a magus or a neopaganic soul, the victim, in this case an animal, can be replaced by an offer of a vegetarian meal to the Gods. I do believe that whatsoever power the blood of a victim can may embed, true or not, to kill an animal is an unneeded practice and also is a great crime against a life of an innocent. I'm strongly against this practice. The most advanced and fine Pagan thinkers of all time were mostly against too. One name for all, Pythagoras.

Perfect example! Thank you very much Founder!


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