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What do you think about doing animal sacrifices in wiccan rituals? I personaly don't do animal sacrifices and don't support it but here in Brazil there are lots of "wiccan" people that do animal sacrifices, they agree with this practice and give support to it. I'd like to know what do you think about it. Thanks guys!

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Animals are just as special

What kind of wiccan rituals? The only ones I've ever known to do this is Santeria.

You are absolutely right PaganWitch, I mean, people say they are wiccan but in fact they are something else. Here in Brazil "wiccans" support animal sacrifices but I think this is a mere influence of African religion. Here there is the Camdomblé and Umbanda/Quimbanda which are alike Santeria. People mix everything in a confusing way, they don't know who they are and what they are doing.

Exactly.  Those people aren't Wiccan if they're doing animal sacrifices.  The Libation is ale and cakes in Wicca.

Wiccan High Priestess who runs a Traditional coven here.  Um, dear one, there is absolutely no reason in Wicca to do animal sacrifice, and if you think there is, you need training.  Our Gods do not require animal sacrifice.  Our religion directly teaches us not to do unnecessary harm.  Not only do I not sacrifice animals, I don't even eat them, as an act of reducing the harm I create in the world.  Anyone who thinks animal sacrifice can fit with Wicca in any way is grotesquely uneducated about what Wicca is.

    The Source of creation does not destroy in unnatural ritual. Natural death is of peace in aged spaces, we seek to do no harm, what their karma will be without real need, who knows?


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