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Come Together In Love By Kirar Taraishia Te Wairangi

Aotearoa Timeless Messages of Love Message from "Te Wairua O Te Tai Hau a Uru''(The Spirit Keeper of The West of Love and Depth)"Dear Beings of Light ... Our Messages ... as coming from All The Spirit Keepers of All The Directions ... Is One in The Same ..."Come Together in Love" ... "Unite in Spirit ... in Consciousness"The Greatest Move ...

 Focus that You can do ... for All Life hereon ~Keeping Your Heart Centered on Forgiveness ~Willingness to Overlook those Illnesses and Dis eases that have befallen many of Your Worldwide Brothers and Sisters ... for You cannot look upon Others with conceit ...nor anger ... nor jealousy and contempt ... and still say that 'We Are All One,'as Your saying goes ~

To Truly Be "All One" means that Your Heart Is Open ... Loving ... Forgiving ...Accepting that You Are showing true Unconditional Love. As You continue to "Call the Spirit Helpers" to assist Those Whom You may think are unchangeable ...or Those Whom You may think that there is no chance or hope for ... even Those that You may think ...do not have a Soul or a Heart!

These are the Ones that You can Focus and Send Your Love towards ! Often it is easier to Love Those Who Love You back ... however...it Is Your Divine Nature ... to Love Those Who need Love the Most ...especially if ... Others would think They don't deserve it! Value Each and Every Precious Soul ... for there Is "Always Hope"As sure as there Are Infinite Possibilities for Change and for Solutions!And So Be It Dear Ones!"

Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast July 2020" By Christine Day - https://youtu.be/SpsgkJot9hY


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