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Hey guys, so I am wondering if there is any mother's out there that were able to determine if they were pregnant before they were able to do the test. I am asking out of personal excitement because there is a possibility that I may be. I may be just impatient, but I still have a week to go before my period is supposed to be due, and I am not able to test until next week. I also am curious to see how those who took the DIY pregnancy tests, how they went and how successful they were. 

I personally have been meditating and praying to my Goddess. I have noticed a few changes to my body that could be hints to the possibility, but could also just be something else. I'm sure I am just being impatient.

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Missing  your monthly is a good starter...yes you sound very excited and I hope it goes well for you...an old witch custom is if you are pregnant, to keep it to yourself for the first three months so that the child is able to take root...from there you can enjoy everything motherhood has to offer! Good luck and blessings to you!

Intuition has kept my mouth shut for telling anyone besides this post. I have discovered in the past that if I speak of something happening such as a move or an oppertunity i may get, it usually then does not happen for some reason, but if I keep it to myself until it becomes a definate then it is sure to happen regardless of me telling. Thank you and many blessings to you as well.


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