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What type of crystal ball do you like to use?I have several types I use for scrying and some I use for meditation my favourite is a smokey quartz and auralite. I use rainbow obsidian and small clear quartz to crystal gaze.

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I like to use it for meditating with it has a lot of energy and a calming effect. Its a type of amethyst The points can be large I'm trying to get some green auralite.

Oh...maybe that why I heard of it...amethyst is my birthstone....everybody always likes amethyst!

I mostly like Rose Quartz....its for love and beauty and is the Mothering crystal..

Beautiful nice crystal. Do you ever try meditating with it? There's a place were they mine rose quartz not far from were I live, would love to get some of it made into a sphere from this area.

Yes....I do a lot of things with it....I even make potions with the smaller stones....but rose quartz is pretty to look at....and I recently learned to meditate with my eyes open so its really something charming to look at

I like to hold onto the auralite  and smokey quartz spheres with some meditation music and try to project myself I've had some limited success. I also like to work with points usually in a grids. I was wondering what kinds of potions do you make with your crystals?

Oh, thatz simple...tea potion...can put small crystals in the cup for diff purposes.....such as rose crystal for romance....clear crystal for clarity & health....just don't swallow them....I even use rune gemstones for this to manifest whatever the stone says....can really get elaborate with diff kinds of teas and stones..its interesting but also calms me & is why I do it...... Use before divination for important readings also...So you mean you use them for astral projection? This I had not thought of....I did study it and from what I know is it makes it a lot easier if you astrally project within a cast circle....its confines gives you something to project to, otherwise your just emanating an aura...may have some success but not as much as you would in a circle...it a magickal working space...

Hey now thatz an idea...project into the ball....is that possible? Wow now that just tweeked my interest! That'd be a bit more than gazing to see what you can see...reaching into its matrix to where it came from.....how its formed or whatever power emanates from it....when I have things around me I tend to absorb them through osmosis...

Why not make an elixir out of the crystal and water remove the crystal and use the water in your tea.It would eliminate any choke hazard and damage to your crystal. Yes astral projection, some crystals are more suited to astral projection than others.I find the darker crystals to project into work better than clear crystals sort of like looking into a hole and falling into it.I like to hold on to my favourite crystals for grounding and energy when doing this.

Really....I actually saw the projection after my last post...could it be that I projected into your auralite? Your method of tea would be okay but not as potent .....I just projected again reading it, that using moon water would be a good method using your suggestion....wow!

Auralite is a powerful crystal anything can be possible with it. It would be interesting what kind of meditation I would get with it now. If I can get some me time I'll give it a go and let you know how it works out. The moon water sounds interesting.I like to scry in the full moon light on my deck. Have you ever herd of a crystal burning you? I have a small clear quartz sphere I used to hold onto when meditating well I fell a sleep and was awoken with children laughing at first I thought it was my kids but soon knew they were not home. I had a red burn mark on my left hand it stayed there for a couple of days. When I put the crystal down it was very warm almost hot.Any ideas as to what happened?

No! First I heard of it but googled & found this article....also read that you can freeze crystals to heal a burn...strange!

Why do some crystals hurt or burn me? - Witch Path Forward



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