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What type of crystal ball do you like to use?I have several types I use for scrying and some I use for meditation my favourite is a smokey quartz and auralite. I use rainbow obsidian and small clear quartz to crystal gaze.

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So...I popped one of those clear crystals into my freezer....will be good for those nasty lil' kitchen burns!

Be careful not to warm them to quickly they will crack.

No prob....I have a very large bagful of diff ones and can afford it...I think that would feel really good on a burn don't you?

It would have an cooling effect on the burn and remove some of the heat.Some of the energy in the crystal would help heal.

So I figured it would be worth freezing one and crackles in a small stone used for that purpose...who would notice? So why do you skry at night? Specific purpose or just for meditation?

I like to skry at night when things quite no one around but also have skried in the afternoon in the morning I find I get too light headed to get my day started. I skry to look at future events but mostly end up seeing pictures and colours the odd time I will get an emotional feeling from someone in distress. I find my obsidian sphere good for this, I use my smokey quartz to see colours and the odd face, a small clear quartz to see faces and sense of flying over land scape. I will also play meditating music when doing my crystal gazing. I find it quiet relaxing.

Don'tcha know it...wow! That's why I avoid ...the circular shape of the ball makes it hard to look at because it strains my lens...I've made black mirrors by painting one side of a piece of glass black....then propping it standing up on an altar...placing a lit candle on either side...this is a jewish mysticism method...not for the squeamish and actual spirits may be seen...as for crystal balls, I like them around but don't really skry with them....Blessed Be!

Have you ever tried obsidian mirrors? They have some good pictures of the one that John Dee used on the web.I've seen them at crystal shows, they were not as expensive as the spheres.

I've seen them on the internet for $35 and up....nice looking...if your into summoning spirits would be a good choice!

Also...another method of removing the stone is let the tea steep and then fish the stone with the tea bag and put it on your tea cozy or cup saucer...

There is a store in Ottawa that sells herb tea that has the crystal in the loose tea I've found it to work well.

 A crystal ball is any mirror that you chose to see yourself upon, it doesn't matter where you find it, as it  is always a space upon some wall of where you judge yourself. The mirrors glass is of magic, and it reflects an image in a state of change, the image in the mirror is the only place where you should judge, only judge yourself, and never another, for you never walked upon  their path, as all is in a state of change.


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