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Divine Mother Healing By Mei-Ian Maurits

Mei-Ian Maurits .....
The earth has been calling us to remember her as our Divine Mother, and to remember that we are held, nurtured, and supported by her.

I have been deeply moved to open myself as a channel to bring forth her voice, her tones, her messages, and her frequencies for the healing of her and humanity. Through the sounds and tones in this song, I felt her voice sing through me.

Close your eyes as you listen to this sacred transmission, and receive the message of Mother Earth. She is inviting us all to lean into her. She has always held us with unconditional love and support, no matter what we have been through and no matter what destruction we have done to her. We are always held in her protection, her abundance, her nurturing, her grace, her love. She reflects back to us that she is sacred. All the codes of nature also live inside of us, because we are all children of this Divine Mother.

When we heal our relationship to the earth, we heal our relationship to the Divine Mother and the feminine essence. The frequencies that were channeled through this song will assist us in feeling supported and nourished by her, so that we can fully receive her love, her gifts, and her abundant blessings. Once we fill up with that love, we are able to give it back to Mother Earth and flow into a sacred healing relationship with her life-giving essence.

May we remember our Divine Mother, receive her love, and give back.

With all my heart,
~ Mei-lan
Here's a link to my website: https://Mei-lanMaurits.com

Infinite Blessings that are Divinely Perfect for All of You with the Highest Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Joy, & Abundance

Video - "Divine Mother Healing" By Mei-Ian Maurits- https://youtu.be/-vL8NovauZ0


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