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"One has to get the hypothalamus to give them the strongest signal it can give, the perceived death signal and when it does just ignore it or pay no attention to it." Anathema -Vol:18 Page 283

"perhaps there is much speculation how the flaw in the brain perhaps the hypothalamus somehow when it gives the strongest signal it can give the death signal, if the person does not act accordingly then the hypothalamus determines that person just died. Like in that movie "the Game" where there is a "team" who sets out to make sure the main character jumps off the building unaware there is a net at the bottom. So when the main character is looking down from a great height his hypothalamus is saying if you jump your dead and so when he jumped something in the mind perhaps a flaw tells his mind, this one has passed.
Perhaps the only things that can be an issue is there does not appear to be a way undo it once it is done. So like if you’re watching a scary movie in the dark alone, and your mind says turn on the light because you are scared and if you don't your mind will determine you passed on. One guy put a 12 gauge under his chin and pulled the trigger that's a nice example and his angle was far too shallow so he just blew off his face, perhaps that be a ghost with a pulse but no face. One tribe just puts the three year olds on a log a distance from camp and leaves them over night and in the morning they go to see what they caught on the trot line. It seems some are aware of this flaw." - Copyright : TXu 1-993-102

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