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How Can We Help By Saint Germaine & Linda Dillon


My friends, the recent events that have taken place are clearly not of love and have left many of us absolutely heartsick and wondering what on earth we can do. As I was contemplating this myself, realizing we have many effective tools at our disposal, our dear friend St. Germaine stepped forward to remind me about working with the Violet Flame, referring to it as a “concrete action."

He tells us, “This is not merely meditation and esoteric thinking and hoping for the best. When you are working with the Violet Flame, you are claiming your multidimensional self, you are going into other dimensions with your I AM Presence and with the I Am Presence and bringing to the current situation that which is required.

“Alchemy is just that which is not understood, the same way as miracles, or simply what people think of as unexplainable. It is merely you accessing the Source and bringing forth what is required.”

What is required now, as always, is love. And St. Germaine is asking us to stand in our divine authority as our multidimensional selves and to bring this love in the form of the Violet Flame. This is how we can help.


Listen to St. Germaine’s full message in this video, and together, let us be the masters of transmutation we came here to be!

From my heart to yours, all my love, xxx Linda


Video - "You Are So Deeply Loved & Needed Now - St. Germaine Channeling"




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