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Its seems the world is becoming cruel to Us. I was trying to find this website and found this link


Which is completely uncalled for. It bothers me that We never harm a thing and yet Christians like this have to spite Us and automatically begin the unwanted  discussion of this DEMON if you will that We are all supposedly banned to. Pathetic. I hope Kharma runs her course. Figures that they get to spit on Us while We sit back and watch.. and wait.

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The founder is correct in the origins of this feud Pagan vs Christian. However this particular hatred stems from the dark ages, when the Christians came to the pagan Celts and attempted to "save" them through the blade of a sword. They created lies about the druids and witches, demonizing them. The best way to control someone is through fear, American politicians are pros at this. I personally have no ill will whatsoever with Christians, I think they see a view of the same divine that pagans see, I love Erebus and Nyx, Jupiter and Athena, they love Jesus, Yahweh, and some spooky ghost dove. Truth in history is a tricky thing to track down, takes years of digging to even get a close guess to what really happened. Can't go by what was written down unless you have multiple sources because the written history is always biased and slanted to a certain position. All in all most Christians are good people, it's just this fear of the devil can make them stupid as hell sometimes.




Christians have been the cause of 99% of wars and murders in the name of God. Yet the readings of all religions no matter what are for PEACE and LOVE, the Christians always want to KILL in the name of God, SURELY this is not GOD’S way.

People interpret God’s writings to suit themselves and their Evil deeds.


WICCANS are the only TRUE and FREE believers. So to the critics TUFF BABY, Suck it up….


Jillian “Lesbian” Anka

You know, the other day some Christian spouted some crap like they are different to all other religions because they came from another and they are something different. Truth is they arn't different they are the same but worst at what they do.

Christianity is about 2,000 years old at it's oldest, more than likely much younger. Wars have been fought since time immemorial. Romans, Greeks, Punic, Egyptian, Mongolian, Norsemen and many many many more have all engaged in wars while being neither Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. People by our very nature are tribal, we have a way of putting ourselves into groups. Us vs Them, and everybody always identifies with us, because surely we must not be them, we create a false boogie man and unnecessary fear. It doesn't matter what religions there are, or even if there is no religion at all and everybody on Earth becomes atheist there will always be an us vs. them, people will always put themselves into groups and they will always believe their group is the best. I refuse to give into that mindset and I love Christians as much as I love anybody else.

The last comment about god being disgusted with religion is telling. Every religion has its fringe groups and it seems this is more fringe than most! At least Mr. Stewart read a page or two of somebody's website on polytheism! But he still seems to have fallen prey to equating Lucifer/Satan with all other non-Yahweh type male gods.

I find this is truly a interesting subject

Yes, indeed lol. This subject could go on forever I think. Everyone has their own opinion on things and to sit and read what they think of such a...a...controversial topic, makes for a good evening.

I agree with you Tiffany

So many thoughts.  Yes, it would seem that "Christians" have started more wars in the last 2,000 years than anyone else, in the name of their God. The same could be said for Americans, "helping" other countries with arms, soldiers ect.  I think it's all perspective.  As Americans we have a very limited perspective.  In fact, many things about each of us can limit our perspectives.  I often wonder why, when I hear the hate spewed by some in the name of Christianity (Westboro Baptist Church), why other Christians don't stand up in outrage for the horrendous press that WBC brings to the Christian community.  I wonder, when I hear Pat Robertson talking about speaking to God, (and God's views are remarkably like Pat's) why other Christians don't call "Bullshit" at the top of their lungs. I wonder about many things, like , why we can't all play nice in the sand box together.  Then I remember we are all human and subject to the foibles of said humanity.  And I remember the Wiccan Rede.  "And it harm none, do what ye will".  If I remember to live by that, then I'm doing the best I can not to add to the problem, but rather, by example, maybe I can influence one person to change the way they interact with the world. 


he has been exposed for child abuse..so justice is done life will always take care of things so don't sweat it..

this person is a obviously a ignorant bigot and should get what it deserve, to be ignored ~ funny how these people put things like that on the net and don't bother to have a link so we can call them on their ignorance

I agree with Frankie!


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