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Its seems the world is becoming cruel to Us. I was trying to find this website and found this link


Which is completely uncalled for. It bothers me that We never harm a thing and yet Christians like this have to spite Us and automatically begin the unwanted  discussion of this DEMON if you will that We are all supposedly banned to. Pathetic. I hope Kharma runs her course. Figures that they get to spit on Us while We sit back and watch.. and wait.

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thank you Jerry BTW I am from Florida


I agree!

Its sad and pathetic that close minded hypocritical Christians feel such a way for the pagan religions

It's these kind of radical Christians who poison the minds of the young and install fear into their minds, this fear becomes hatred and they release their hate out on young pagans via relentless bullying or assault. The youth seriously need to be educated, many children have killed them selves trying to escape the mental and physical pain of bullying. I only wish more people can learn to coexist but It will take a long time before that happens, probably even after our physical bodies have become decrepit or even become one with the earth.   

Here's what we do.
Go back to staying out of the spotlight, let the monotheists destroy one another for their religions, stay out of the way, and then...BOOM, at least part of their bs toilet paper manual is right, the meek inherit the Earth...us. I highly encourage all non monotheists to get the fools to destroy and hate each other, while trying to suppress any chemical/biological/nuclear weapons technology/proliferation. 

Then when they wipe each other out using conventional weaponry, we come along, and have a toast for the dipsticks who were dumb enough to believe that their god (gods, actually, since supposedly there's three in one, like the FREAKING HINDUS! I guess maybe he is a schizophrenic deity, which explains the STUPIDITY and CRAZINESS of his children) wanted them to kill each other. If there's any survivors, we keep them alive, but don't allow them to spread the insanity to our offspring. 

I cant BELIEVE this s**t. What on earth are they ON??? Wow. I totally agree that they are hypocritical. Also they must HATE how women are equal to us (being one myself) as their Old Testament says "women should learn in quietness and full submission" and "it is wrong and disrespectful for a woman to speak in church".......ugh they make me angry......sigh....this is a war no one will win.

christians hate wiccans as well

they have always hated pagens it dosnt matter what we do we always get blamed for something that we didnt do its not right and i belive that its time that we show them what we realy are like so we wont have a bad reputation anymore

i found his email any body want it this David J. Stewart guy who made that

all they ever do is call us dirty names & ostasize us just because we aren`t of their religion, just because we aren`t like them they think it`s okay to hate us... it`s Fricked the hell up.

but sometimes karma needs a helping hand ... a push ... ok make that a shove !!!


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