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Its seems the world is becoming cruel to Us. I was trying to find this website and found this link


Which is completely uncalled for. It bothers me that We never harm a thing and yet Christians like this have to spite Us and automatically begin the unwanted  discussion of this DEMON if you will that We are all supposedly banned to. Pathetic. I hope Kharma runs her course. Figures that they get to spit on Us while We sit back and watch.. and wait.

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I wonder if Freedom of belief is suppose to have structure ? and Arkarian I love this , and Im going to remember, as it is correct . Founder you are correct as well , it took our world 2000 years for this one sided religion to take hold and many are like sheep lead to the edge of a cliff .Every body wants to be a part of something , weather in religion, politics , ect. so humans tend to label themselves as such in that we we get a feeling of belonging. the majority of the world has proclaimed a spot for its self and religious wars does our world no good , Millions have been killed, destroyed, all in the name of some religion or God pursay, and this is tragic and primitive to say the least. we still in our world reject science no matter what it proves, and science combines its findings with fundamental  religious sects because their afraid of the back lash and the possibilities of keeping all humans ignorant, of course this is a straggly long up haled, a sad one to say the least.   

0.0 this confuses me so much, I don't understand how so much hate could be lashed out towards a group of people who are, for the most part, peaceful and kind.  It's the same hate that generate wars, hate crime, suicides and so much more.  I couldn't read all of it because of triggers, I'm very sensitive - to the point I take medication on a daily basis so I can function.  (Mood stabilizers mostly)

I volunteer at many different community events, some are very church based.  I live in a very small town, and most know I'm Pagan, especially when my shoulder arms are exposed to reveal my pentacle tattoo.  I go to church on occasion when they need help getting things organized for events, and for the most part - they're all very loving and understanding.  They don't agree with me, and I don't always agree with them, but we work together.  It's very simple as, we don't get in a religious debate, and we're fabulous.  I've dealt with hate in the past, but it's not very common where I live.

I don't understand the U.S.A at all.  I'll stay up north.

Yeah Thu good old USA heck

I live here and don't understand it 

their is no ' hate ' persay , its opinions , and we all know what is said of opinions , their like the ass , we all have one . lol

Ain't that the truth well the opinions part anyway because I know first hand about hatred especially towards pagans in America as I live with pagan haters

I am new to paganism, I was born a Christian but I was raised in a Buddhist and went to an international school. So that open me to different culture and religion. So I stared to accept people for who they are not for what they are. One of my best friends is a wiccan. 

Seemingly people do not want to understand and that is their greatest weakness. They refuse to know the truth and they dismiss it, so that they will not be at fault and be persecuted like the rest, but it all is up to the person and their mindset and what people have been saying to make them believe. 


 wow cant believe someone came in here to keep the thread going ... Im impressed ,

Well there are Pagans who hate Christians, Christians who hate Hindus, Hindus that hate Christians, and so on. Just don't pay them any mind. They aren't physically hurting anyone with that post.

  God is masculine. and only needs feminine for what reason now?

  Do you really think OUR SOURCE chose a man before a woman or a son before a daughter? Why would the  source of all things create this imbalance within our existence? The balance of masculine and feminine is a continual principal of life in harmony and balance. When you say Christian, Muslim or Jew you speak of our source as MALE. It's incorrect, our source is of both male and female. Our Source is ONE the balanced energy that is our continuance.

If you are talking about the bible, its sexist as hell.

Easiest example is:

Mary is a Saint - Why didn't she get a book in the bible where the rest of Jesus' followers got one?

If anything she fills the criteria even more so than the other people who at some point stopped believing in him.

Another example:

The pope is and will always be male, up till recently no woman was allowed to have any religious significance in any "Major" world religion.

Islam refers to women not able to leave their houses unless a male accompanies them or similar.

Christianity refers to women not being able to talk in the presence of other men without her husband around.

Buddhist monks are always male.

The word "God" is always referred to as masculine and passages say things like "god gave them his (holy spirit)"   or   "god sent his (only son)"

So the major religions are all sexist because of their origin was the male populace attempting through fear to keep everyone in line, you talk about "those old guys in robes" knowing that won't change anytime soon.


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