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Its seems the world is becoming cruel to Us. I was trying to find this website and found this link


Which is completely uncalled for. It bothers me that We never harm a thing and yet Christians like this have to spite Us and automatically begin the unwanted  discussion of this DEMON if you will that We are all supposedly banned to. Pathetic. I hope Kharma runs her course. Figures that they get to spit on Us while We sit back and watch.. and wait.

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   My concern is of the male mindset that is so pervasive throughout  all aspect of human society. And as  a Wiccan woman do I chose to participate in a world that I believe is out of balance with the Earth because of the construct brought forth by lopsided male deity? The goddess was discarded in so many ways, so how can there be balance?  I don't mean to sound dismal, but it is a much more difficult world to live in without the harmonious balance of Goddess and God. So, how do we find balance as individuals who seek harmony in a chaotic space?  

      I just checked out the sight referred to, 'jesus-is -savior, and I found it frightening and also quite laughable.  In my opinion whoever created it is not much for creation, because it's heavy into  DO harm. Is there anything of the truth of Wiccan  on this sight that is of ' DO NO HARM?'  I didn't see it or hear it. To be of Contra-Creation is to chose to be NOT of our Source. The sword, the gun, the weapon is of contra creation, and should never be taken up for any reason and taking the gun up is seen all over this sight. It is scary space, but also VERY stupid as you understand our source as a Wiccan. DO NO HARM, TO DO AS YOU WOULD WILL, otherwise it won't be done no matter how hard you may try. Blessed be, and remember, DO NO HARM.

Christians for the most part would wipe us off the face of the earth if they could.Along with Gays,Blacks,or anything else that believed any other way than they do.They practice a belief that is rapidly becoming obsolete.As we are seeing in many ways.I would not at all be surprised if they start another crusade like they did long ago.Something we can't forget.That is why we meet in secret places and never speak of our practices in circle to anyone who is not of the belief.

The easiest thing to do would to have loved him as your enemy. It really pisses them off.

Now you sent a message telling him he would be going to hell he can show how unstructured and inhuman he claims we are.

He begged for the bullets and you gave him the ammo.

For people of christianity I've always walked down the street and heard them talking about what they believe in.

What I won't stand to hear is one of them mention hell.

If a street preacher mentions to anyone about them going to hell I will snap and have a massive go at them suggesting I report them to the police for harassment and threats to the public. You can't approach a person and go "You are going to hell, you sinner" if anyone every mentions that around me as a street preacher I will respond with threatening to report them for it.

Just because a person is awful doesn't mean we can then talk back to them as they are, "Hate breeds more hate" in the rede.

We must forgive them for who they are and hope they can become better.

If you want to start a fight talk politics or religion that's why  I practice solitary wicca .I don't have to explain anything to anyone. When confronted just smile and move on.

      Karma will  runs it's course, as you understand in our Source.  Who are they? they are our FAMILY also. As Wiccans we must remember this. In our human family and in our Source we are at ONE. I have been angry also because of the violence..but in our SOURCE WE ARE IN ONE. BLESSED BE. AND DO NO HARM. For vision and strength for my family.. that is  all of humanity. And a  Man can embrace a man, and a woman embrace  a woman as long as there is LOVE in the embrace. Blessed be.

jesus-is-savior.com does NOT deserve love, nor does its founder. It's a filthy ugly site full of hate and lies.

"There is no headquarter organization with a stated creed or dogma. Wiccans are very disorganized. In fact, it is precisely this lack of structure that draws many to these groups. These pagan faiths attract very bright people who feel different or special, those who have had bad experiences with mainstream religions, those who feel abandoned by God, free spirits who dislike structure, the rejected (by family or society), rebels, and those attracted to occult or mystical experiences. Some witches do not call themselves witches, but refer to themselves as Wiccans, white witches, or neo-pagans. “Neo-paganism” is simply a cover for witchcraft.  In Wicca, everyone has his or her own spiritual path to follow.  Rituals and celebrations are linked to the seasons and moon phases.  Meditation, visualization, invocation (calling on forces or gods/goddesses), chanting, burning candles and special rituals trigger a sense of the mystical, thus reinforcing the core belief system.  Witches and Neo-pagans claim they practice white magic, using their power and abilities to bring about good.  They revere nature, support peace, and believe society cannot be at peace if we are out of harmony with nature or are mistreating our mother, Earth."

...Ok so its like this person is saying Wicca and Paganism is a bad thing......

And isn't it ironic that is they who believe and invented this Satan and Demon! Not to mention, how many wars were fought in the name of Christianity, how many slaughtered?

I, too, discovered that site a few years ago. I even sent an email to the douche bag creator of the site and gave him a complete earful. His name is David J. Stewart. He is a disgusting piece of trash. He has a very big mouth that is full of trash and lies. He himself is an Atheist. He is does NOT believe in God nor Jesus. He is a very hateful ugly man. He will go to Hell and I hope he does.

I am from a small town with even smaller-minded people. Die-hard bible beaters. They already tell me I am going to hell because I don't go to church. Ugggg if they only knew......... But the funny thing is...... That when they're not all dressed up and singing in the choir, they're judging people, calling names, lying and back stabbing people. Turning their noses up at ANYTHING that's different than them. I don't judge anything about anyone. We are all of the same. The God and Goddess!
Thanks for listening,

Peace and Blessings
"The ACCURATE way to look at Israel, the Antichrist and world government is to see Present-Day Israel, the Antichrist
and the Antichrist's rule over the world as Satan's counterfeit of true Israel, Jesus Christ and Christ's Millennial Kingdom", I wouldn't even waste your time with reading page after page of their shite. Their perspective is flawed by having drawn conclusions based on what they say and think is true.

They think that I deceive you as The Master of Deception, when people are the only ones who I'm supposed to judge. - Got it? I'm a walking lie detector.


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