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Merry Meet! I had an interesting conversation with an old friend of mine- not pagan- and she asked me how i was going to raise my children, I said right, she said no I mean how are you going to keep the other kids from teasing your children when they find out he or she is pagan? I drew a blank, I never really thought about it, Iam the kind of person that just kinda go's with the flow, I am like water you see, so I decided to ask all of you my fellow pagans on how you think children should be raised so that they dont suffer abuse from other children from different backgrounds? should I be worried?

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Take it from a 17 year old Pagan who basicly told 1 person I was Pagan and everyone in my High School found out. My close friend do not make such a big deal out of it because they accept me for who I am. The other 400 are not so nice. Yes I have been bullied, yes I have been made fun of, and yes I have been mistreated and misunderstood. Ignorance is aparently genetic, and these people LOVE to be ignorant of other world views and religions. Of course I have this motto that works for me, Ignorance is not bliss, it just equals absolute stupidity and total societal breakdown. Christianity will experiance this breakdown someday. I just know it.

BB and goodluck!
I absolutely luv ur motto!!! It's perfectly correct!!! We can't all be sycophants now can we?!?
Would my child be any more abused for being Pagan than they would for having a pimple? I doubt it.

Christians no more respect Pagans than they do Jews, Hindus, Muslims or Atheists and it's sad that they can't even grasp the concept that worshippers of Satan are theologically Abrahamic and closer to being a Christian than I could ever be. I respect Christianity for the basic fact that they have structure, definition and morals that (for the most part) prevent them from harming others for without some set of beliefs how can they base their daily decisions with any sense of right and wrong?

So kids will be kids and the majority of those in schools are probably Christian and the happy little group of buttheads that choose to give my kid crap on that particular are simply going to get the reaction that I have instilled in my childs beliefs. Harm none but don't take any crap. If they speak ill of you, ignore it. If they threaten you be on your guard. If they hit you, hit them back. If they threaten your well being, turn them into a frog.
Oh my dear goddess!!! You just tottaly earnedvmy respect!!! You're awesome!!!
Haha, that's how my parents raised me. Besides he frog thing. ^^

i love that attitude.  my child was raised in a pagan household and sent to a catholic school.  why? well  because the overall education was better than anything else in the area and i'm a firm believer in knowing your opponent.  christians are very vocal here in the good ole usa, and i wanted my daughter to understand where they were coming from so as to better understand how to protect herself if necessary.  and she's turned into a reasonably well adjusted human being.

Dream Weaver, did anyone tell you, that your awesome? If not, I am the first. You are Awesome! (Ps, I'm serious.)

back in 2008 I was dating a guy who was never baptized. both of his parents are non christian as well. His mother is Pagan and his father is a Druid. by choice he is Asatru. I have a daughter of my own and I too have thought about this. I want to give her a choice in the matter. I will let my Catholic father expose her to his religion and in every day life I will expose her to my belief, Paganism. from that i will let her decide for herself! As for dealing with other children teasing them about what you teach them, you have to teach your children that everyone has an opinion and when it comes to religion some people just bad mouth because they don't understand or they have been misinformed about other religions. Typical stereotype for any form of witch is that we worship the devil. The devil is part of the Christian, Jewish, and Satanic religions, pagans believe in the Crone...a female, not a male and she does not tempt you to do sinful things! Hela is the ruling goddess of the underworld, Hel is not a bad place it is a place where all who die go, if they have not died in combat. most Pagans and Wiccans believe in reincarnation...

....I've vearing away from the point. just let your child know that if other people are going to make fun of them or pick on them and NOT take the time to understand your choice in raising the child that way than they aren''t worth talking too!
I think you should still grow them up in that way. what i'd do is to bring them up as a believer of the divine rather than being one fixed faith and then let them choose when they're older.
Im 15 years old and in high school and i'd look at myself as a solitary eclectic wiccan/pagan, but sometimes my friends would say things like 'can you turn me into a frog' or 'can you talk to this tree for me' then start laughing. But i always answer back to them leaving them feel guilty as they've just remarked my faith.
But then again don't all religion get mocked? insulted and questioned? its life, no matter what path you bring your children up in they'll always be someone talking back at you, you just need to face it, deal with it and walk off =]

i personally believe that you should tell your children to be proud of what they believe in and not care what others think. if they are uncomfortable with people knowing, then they don't have to tell anyone, but if they realise that some people are entirely ignorant and some may discriminate against their belief and are comfortable with everyone knowing, then they will tell someone. just don't worry about it. make sure that YOU are there for them. that's all that matters. who cares if a bunch of kids who believe that "prophets" (who just so happened to see crazy shit like a burning bush talking to them....) are against the belief in a goddess who is loving to all and understanding of diversity.
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