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Recently I've been having "arguements" with another Pagan, not Wiccan, on another website. She claims that Wiccans must be in a coven to be real Wiccans. I'm not exactly sure if that is true. I know the 161 laws say that we have to be in a coven. However there a book such as, "Wicca, a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" and I don't remember the name of another book that says it is okay to be solitary but you should try to find a coven. What do you think? Can Wiccans be solitary?

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Im Solitary and prefer it that way.  I concentrate better, focus my energy better and can just be me.  All in all I think its up to the individual.

I couldn't find a coven anywhere in my area.

So, I'm a Solitary Wiccan, and loving it!

me too and as a matter of fact. Most coven are not looking for members and they guard their secret rituals very carefully. I was in a coven for a couple of years. There is nothing there that you can`t do yourself. This is just a place where you find likeminded people. Some are good many are not ! Like all human on this planet sometimes egos get in the way. The only drawback to solitary is just that, it's solitary you feel alone and are sometimes not motivated enough to do a ritual, In a coven you tend to participate more. I am now solitary and I love it. I go with my feelings and I am no better or worse than any coven members. I am witch.  I have lived in lots of places and covens are rare and the few that are around are very secretive. Some demand a very high prices to belong, those one should be avoided. I can see paying for upkeep and all the extras but to pay a fee every time you want to participate in a rituals.NO way.  

I agree with you.

in one of my books by Doreen Valiente who was HP of Gardner for a time she does state that yes some witches can and are in fact solitary.  Lets remember that `wicca`means male witch....nothing more. So witchcraft is witchcraft no matter what follow your heart ...

I read the book your talking about, can't remember what it was called, but there are numerous texts on Solitary practice. I don't see any reason why one couldn't or wouldn't [want] to work Solitary, even if only occasionally. To me, Solitary practice is just as important because that's your personal time to communicate and pray, and build energy alone - and that builds confidence and strength of character. Being alone helps me feel more comfortable to meditate. I feel like your Altar is a sacred, personal space, and sometimes working needs to be that way as well. 

I agree with Laine, plus Doreen Valiente does mention something about solitary practice and says it`s ok, so if she says it ok I don`t see why it should not be. Scott Cunningham wrote lots of books on Wicca for solitary practitioner. So whatever feels right is probably right. I do think though that it can get lonely and eventually solitary witches can become bored, spacing out or not do many rituals, at least not as much as she or he would with a coven.  By the way the news moon is tomorrow for people doing consecration of tools. BB 

Andy, do you consider yourself Wiccan? If so, do you exist?  If you believe you are Wiccan and that you do exist, then you have answered your own question.  I'm not sure where your 161 law came from but believe me, as one who has been a solitary practitioner for the better part of 30 years, there are at least as many of us as there are covens.  I've tried covens, and they are not for me.  I had enough dogma from the catholic church to last me a lifetime, I don't need it from another wiccan whom I offer no allegiance to.  So you go right ahead and be a solitary practitioner if that's what feels natural to you.  Blessed Be!

Solitary or covern?? I think it all boils down to what you believe in, what you feel more comfortable with and what is available to you (the individual) at the time.

Covens exist like the Blair Witch.  


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