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the burning times are aparently coming again.. though not from Christians from us!

are we really going to repeat the Salem Witch Trials all over again? Honestly! just because someone knows things!! what in Hades name himself!! Honestly do we shun psychics? do we shun empathic people next? Do we shun those who see glimpses of the future. Heck no we don't! So what the bloody hell makes Desfrata any different!!! YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES and you people know who you are!. guess what I'm an empath! Are you All going to persecute me next?!

Ahem. To those who are not involved in this matter I do so apologize for my badgering. Remember that we are all human to an extent and that we all hurt.

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I agree with Donna. I have no idea what is going on, which is probably a good thing... I hate drama! lol When we communicate through the interent we can't see a persons face or body.. we can't "read" them. I am also an empath. I often feel someone's pain, happiness, disgust.. whatever.. not only by words but by inflections, facial movements, and the way they hold their body. Some people can smile but radiate hate... I can't feel that on the internet.
For me I tend to feel the energy residue from the words that are typed. I tend to feel the emotions attached with the energy used on words. It's interesting being Empathic and around people. Lol I have also found out being empathic around drunk people= headache lol Btw mind if I add you.
oh!!! i am so glad that you understand this internet-reading thing! See, I am an empath as well, and understand that we have the ultimate communication package. We can taste people when they are lying.. . . which can be VERY awkward at times, especially in relationships. We can literally 'read the air'- any slight change in energy, light, temperature- we can sense it all. I'll wager that you've been misunderstood all your life. seen as being overly sensitive to the smallest, seemingly irrelevant things. Well, they are wrong. You, me, and others like us have and unwavering beacon of truth to help us along our path. . ..I know these powers (as cliche as it may be) might feel as if they are a burden- as if the knowledge isn't worth the trouble that people dish out- this couldn't be further from the truth. YOU know the eternal truths of humankind. Everyone else will catch up eventually. This is often frustrating, but remember- we are not all the same. Maybe, someone's karmatic goal for this particular time is to be a non-believer. You have to, in perfect love and trust, accept that your path is yours, and is not the one everyone will choose. EVERYTHING happens because it is supposed to; because while you were disincarnated, you made it to be so.
yes, and even though we share this ability, we also share the downside. it's a razor's edge... being able to feel the air, because sometimes it can be very very hard to shut off, no matter how much one grounds. it can sometimes conflict with your own emotions and send you in a spiral... which means of course that we who possess this ability must, well, "work it" into our daily lives. it's kind of like placing a muffler on a car. we know how loud an engine can be.... and it can be very very powerful. but if we don't muffle it, bring it down to a dull roar, it can damage our ears, pollute the Mother, you know.... same with empaths. we have to be able to channel it... muffle it down so it doesn't hurt us or others. guess though that comes with time.
O agree I hope things work out as well. It's nice to have a place to go from persecution and everyday life from time to time. That's one thing that I love about books. You seem like an awesome person mind if I add you?
I agree with you Autumn, I am also an empath. My parents call it "discerning of spirits", but that is and isn't what I feel. I can tell if a person is a nice person, a mean person, an evil person, or a pure person, before I even meet them, and their emotions are magnified 10x it seems in me. Though I can usually overcome this burden and give them relief, comfort or whatever. I am also a psychic medium, though not in the since that most are. I can only control it to a certain extent. I don't see spirits, per say, but rather shadows. Some shadows are human, and usually run from me when I try to communicate with them, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes they are animals, and with that, they have different meanings. Sometimes, and I hate these shadows, they are birds. Certain birds are ok, the robin, blue bird, etc. but those like ravens, crows, buzzards, etc. are not. If I see one of these "shadoweyes" I like to call them, it means someone is going to die soon. Sometimes, if they commune with me, I can get a name. My first encounter with one of these shadoweyes gave me a name, becky (I won't give you a last name because I don't want her to be tracked down), she has not died yet, but has terminal bone cancer. She doesn't have long left. Another two, a raven and a crow, and two of my best friends, A.J. Jackson and Ryan Mohler were killed in the enterprise tornado when it hit our highschool. Anyways, I am rambling, but this prosecution should stop, what will happen next, will I be placed in a guillatine? I certainly hope not, studies show you live five seconds after decapitation, OUCH!
I'm not an empath, or a psychic, but I do have some prophetic powers. They mostly come in the form of deja vu, but other then that I can have a coherent prophecy once in awhile. Sometimes I feel that I can help pave the way for Pagans and Neopagans alike tobe accepted by the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities.
I don't really know, I just have a feeling that one day that will happen, no more intolerance, no more hiding, no more presecution. Peace, love and fellowship between mankind and the world.


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