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A Muslim man, in San Petersburg ( Russia ), killed a daughter just cause she was wearing a miniskirt, which is probably seen as scandalous for the Koranic law, he actually hired three other Muslims to murder the young girl!
Unfortunately this is not an isolated case but one of the many cases of intolerance and madness against women ( and more... ) from Muslim believers.
This didn't happen in the middle of somewhere like an Arabic village but in one of the most important city of Russia...
Certainly it's not the first time that we heard about similar atrocities and I personally frankly got enough...
I always had hard time in believing that this kind of acts are belonging to a genuine doctrine of the Koran or an interpretation of it...
I know that in the world there are "good" Muslims, but today there are too many horrifying and unacceptable acts made by them in the name of this religion, that I start almost to believe that the vast majority of them share a real brutal belief... I would like to know your opinion at this regard and overall if you think that it would be nice if President Obama, who strives for a "reconciliation" of USA with the Islamic World, will ask the most influential spiritual leaders of Islam to clarify once and for all if the religion of Mohammed is really a violent intolerant credo as it seems unfortunately often... and if these kinds of acts, which are really extreme and foolish, made always in the name of Allah, are legitimated or not by the Koran and by the contemporary spiritual leaders!!... So that finally we will be more aware of the real nature of Islam, because without a CLEAR explanation, a black shadow will be always surrounding them and their religion...

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Oh and well done founder for livening things up - one cant say the site is dead now can they??


this is less a religious issue & more a women's rights issue, or lack of in the muslim world. the belief that a honor killing is justified is no different than becoming a martyr by strapping a bomb to yourself & taking as many infidels out as you can in the name of allah. it's preached to them, taught in their schools & passed down from generation to generation... unless they break the cycle, free their minds & resist the oppression that is heaped onto them in their communities. Any deviation from their belief system is fatal to the true believer of any religion when that's all you have & all you know, it's even more tragic when these things happen in free & open societies & proof that something needs to be done.

Obama, like all before him has failed & we will continue to fail... islam has never gone through a reformation & it's up to the followers of islam to do it themselves, but with the power & weapons in the hands of the oppressor who use militant & extreme islamic views to control & abuse their own peoples, well it will be a bloody one if it ever happens, but just look to history... it always is.


I agree with IOWAboy and as I already said before, it is my opinion that all the revealed religions, as they are today, not just Islam, needs to be re-thought, purified and reformed from these obsolete anti-traditional violent and integralist beliefs. Islam first, followed by Christianism and Judaism...surely these two ones in a different ratio than Islam, but they still to rectify some important points that I don't want to discuss here.

I wish that soon the most important religious and political chiefs will meet in a planetary meeting in order to reform these religions, banishing everything that can harm our life and that makes these religions hated by majority of free and democratic people.

Islam is the first of the so called revealed religions that really needs a big revision, just for all the happenings that are everyday in front of our eyes and consciousness.

America (Obama) then has a big chance to promote this event or something similar, which will be much more effective and less costly rather than to invade Islamic countries with the (impossible) goal to stop terrorism... This kind of terrorism is really tight instead with a distorted use of religion and cannot be stop with guns but with right thinking first. So that the biggest effort relies on a revision of the Islamic corpus of religious knowledge. Are our leaders studying history?

Wether I like peace, I'm surely not a typical pacifist, cause I believe that when war is needed needs to be made, but I can surely say that: You cannot stop an ideology like Islamic terrorism with guns and bombs!!!...

Will some wise man tell this to our 'enlightened' politicians?....

Sorry to say but I dont think its going to happpen any time soon.  Firstly because the concerned humans present will have to actually agree to be tollerant of each other, secondly because its time to get down to the line and actually be able to make a yes/no decision in a cohesive environment where other cultures and beleifs actually count and lastly everyone will have to leave their ego at the door before entering.  The me, I, my syndrome alone is bound to cause failure never mind the fact that everyone will have to put their cultural predjucises aside in order to interact - Im thinking the Arab world verses the Isralies here.  Guns outside the boundries gentlemen and swearwords left in your own countries please.

Nope - dont think it will work and nevermind the roses.

we just had a trial here in Canada where a man his son and new wife killed his ex wife and 3 daughters(the girls wore jeans & short in the summer)  they were found guilty of first degree murder, got 25 years to life no chance of getting out at least not for the next 25 years....they interpret their bible the way they want too, to suit their needs. They will eventually be extinct I believe races who do not evolved are doom to extinction, the only problem is all the bleeding hearts trying to save them over and over ...races come & go, we should respect that it's part of evolution, just like certain races of animals are replaced by others...

Nothing to do with Wiccan!

Oh yes it does!!! The Wiccan/Pagan religion is (supposed to be) a breathing, growing thing.  The old deadwood is choped away and the new grows as the heart tells it to,  It is free and its diverse in the Path you want to follow.  Its a thing that comes from the Heart and not from a book or from what others tell you to do.  I think that is why other religions find it so foreign - the only "book" one truelly follows is what is in your heart - and the rede.


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