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It hurts to see people cut down trees cause i feel what they do i wish people can just leave nature to do what it does and not do anything to it except help it grow. I would love to be surrounded by those who loves nature as it should be. Going through a area full of cut trees and other things with all the remains still laying all over is like walking through a battlefield. I tired of seeing this stuff happen all over with not being able to have a say in the matter. 

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Join the club. I feel the same

I'm extremely fortunate to have woods all but surrounding my home. Still from time to time, I'll cut a little wood for carving or harvest a bit of firewood. The main culprits of mass logging somewhat near my neck of the woods is a company making lots of paper people tend to waste.


I also love nature, but to me the issue is to monitor the cut/replant ratio.   In CA the Redwoods are huge trees that take a decade or so to reach adult life, however, in other areas, NOT URBAN CITIES pines, cedar, oak, jump up in the rate of weedom.  I personally feel cities need more green space but really, we all have to understand realism where I live I plant when I take, and trust me many pines have GIVEN the ultimate on my small spread  B UT I keep a space to weed them out so they don't CHOKE each other during growth as young ones  I guess my message is education. .. and acceptance of each other. 

oh if you insist I will post a pic but I do enjoy my privi8acy


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