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The True Meaning Of Loneliness By Matt Kahn ... And ... Initiating Oneness - By Ailia Mira ... And ... Affirmations By Steve Nobel - I Am Ultra Violet Angelic Fire

The True Meaning Of Loneliness By Matt Kahn

During this time of self-quarantining, one of the most common experiences arising to be healed with love is loneliness. All too often, loneliness is perceived as something to discard when, in fact, it is something to transcend by learning to embrace it with openness, maturity, and authenticity. To assist you in facing loneliness from the perspective of your soul’s highest wisdom, I channeled the following insight from the Universe as a gift of clarity

Loneliness is not something to be surrendered. Loneliness is what we surrender into as a means of exploring our deepest vulnerabilities to set free any barriers unknowingly built up against the love we often insist must come from another.

To surrender loneliness is attempting to cast away, push away, and bypass the very experience the Universe insists upon you having. When experiences seem unavoidable, this is the Universe's way of reminding you how any personal power demonstrated in separation or opposition with the Universe will only reap greater feelings of weakness.

This is the ego’s attempt to fight with the very truth of existence that the ego is not created to perceive as its Source. While the ego cannot remember itself as a creation of Source, it is the intrinsic function of your consciousness to remember itself as the very Source within the form of your experience.

In order to abide in the autonomy of oneness with the Universe, it is a matter of surrendering attachments to the ways in which you require life to be, so to allow Source energy to be your most faithful guiding light. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get 'your way', but more so in an evolving relationship of compromise. Your role is to let the Universe know exactly what you desire, while remaining open to the options at hand and making the best choices with the possibilities given.

If and when you find yourself in positions where options are limited or not reflecting the will of your desires, it is your evolving faithfulness that can realize, “if everything I want is absent from my current reality, it must not be time for such creations to be birthed. If it’s not time for such creations, my begging, pleading, and negotiating are ways in which I’m attempting to veer off my path, despite believing how off course I feel without having the things I seek. No matter how deeply I desire the things I want, I accept that they might distract from the evolution of my journey even though I insist how much they will compliment my life.”

This is why loneliness cannot be surrendered as a means of inviting greater intimate partnerships. Loneliness is not blocking your ability to call in intimate partnerships. It is the very depth of intimacy reminding you how much self-love is needed to fill your heart in order to take back the power you gave to others while believing it was their destiny to fulfill you.

As you surrender into the grace of loneliness, the harrowing despair that often feels unending is not a permanent prison sentence. When letting go of the need to be anywhere else or feel any other way than how you feel right now, a cease fire is called across the battlefield of your awareness as all aspects of self are embraced with kindness, acceptance, and loving compassion at whatever pace is most authentically supportive to your evolving instincts.

Sometimes you’ll hold immaculate space for your feelings
and other times you’ll give yourself the chance to kick and
scream at the speed at which life is, or isn’t, giving you
exactly what you want.

Each and every time, there's no need to judge the varying degrees of surrender, but instead, to honor it as the very process bringing you into greater faithful alignment with a Universe that will not let you fail under any circumstance. This is why loneliness is not something to be surrendered. Loneliness is what we surrender into as a means of exploring our deepest vulnerabilities to set free any barriers unknowingly built up against the love that we often insist must come from another.

May this time of self-quarantine be used to face each feeling as a way of deepening your relationship with Source by offering comfort, care, and compassion to the most displaced and shut down parts within you that cry out for love.

Many blessings of triumph, renewal, and resurrection sent your way on this sacred and auspicious Easter Sunday. Such a day is not limited to the belief systems of organized religion, but is a reminder that no matter the circumstances that life seems to take away, each experience can only inspire a greater radiance to shine within you as never before.

All For Love,


Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Healing, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You,


Video - "5 Minute Violet Flame Meditation" By Melanie Beckler



Initiating Oneness - By Ailia Mira

Ailia's Message .....

 As we each feel and experience this huge change in our world, in very personal and different ways, one constant that is not changed, is our inner connection to Life Itself.

Deep within, each of us is, in essence, pure light. Now is a wonderful time to deepen that inner connection and open to it's wisdom, love, peace, and energy.

As I do this, my connections are opening up in new ways and my channeling is evolving in new ways. I'm working more often with Ashira, and Quan Yin. These energies are not new for me, but the conscious co-creation with them, seems to be where I am headed, as I continue to evolve, expand and co-create within.  

I feel a deep call to creating more opportunities for us to explore and play with LIGHT, opening up a direct connection with who we truly are, and becoming more radiant and fulfilled. Part of this too, is about expanding our capacity for harmony and learning how to create forms for expression and living, that allow for more light to flow. 

The potential for living in higher consciousness and evolving our forms to hold more light, is infinite. And this territory feels like the leading edge to me! Exciting.

Today I'm sharing a very simple, direct message from Ashira & Quan Yin, with guidance for initiating oneness - (see message from Quan Yin & Ashira below).

The more you invite your own Soul, Divine Self to draw you in, connect consciously, the more you will remember who you truly are and begin to experience this vaster consciousness and understanding in your daily life.

Be well. Be safe. 
Pay attention to your mood. Be gentle with yourself. Take excellent care of yourself. You're beautiful and you matter. 


Video - "Goddess Kwan Yin Transmission" By Steve Nobel - https://youtu.be/8Mq-JQ1JHaE


A Message from Quan Yin and Ashira 
with the Council of Radiant Light

Divine Ones -

We greet you in love. 

All connections in your world take place within the quality of love, for your world, is energetically structured in the quality of love.

What this means is that the fundamental quality of light, is expressing as love, in everything you know of as your world. This is, in fact, true for your entire universe. Love is the most powerful energy in your world because love is the basis of your world. 

Love is made of light. It is an expression of light; the fundamental. The Oneness that is All.

Each of you are here as an emanation of this fundamental light. Your light emanates into forms and your soul is the builder of forms. Your soul brings forth everything into your experience.

This is why going within and building your own direct relationship within yourself is so powerful.

Many humans have a somewhat more difficult relationship with themselves and because of that, they don't trust or like themselves very much. This is not how you naturally feel about yourself, it is something you learn to think and then feel based on how other people reflected yourself to you - using limitation and separation thought-forms.

Patterns of living that are based in judgement, in morality, in right/wrong and most of all, in ideas of accomplishing worthiness, all tend to make one judge another. Many people live their lives in tremendous co-dependence, giving energy to others as a way of receiving love in return. 

Although this feels very good in some ways, yet it is also a way of not-knowing who you truly are. For within you is the pure and perfect love you seek and in looking outside of yourself for it, you are often let down. When you are let down by another, you then often stop trusting other people in general, or even more problematic, you stop trusting yourself. 

So the very beginning of living wholeness, of coming into the truth of your being, begins by going within and discovering the gentleness, the love, the immense welcoming party that is there for you. You can do this at any time. And the more you do this, the more you will know who you truly are and feel connected, supported and loved, from within.

Deep within you is pure light. The energy within you is unchanging. Perpetual. Eternal light. This is who you truly are. But we want you to know this through your own direct experience, not as concept but as a feeling within, that comes from familiarity with your inner realms.

Let us offer to you a simple approach to this, which you might begin today. Right now, even:

  1. First, find a comfortable position for your body. One in which you are seated or lying and feel truly comfortable. Take a few minutes to adjust your body to make sure you are really able to relax and feel supported. 

  2. Then take a few deep breaths, letting your belly expand as you breathe in, and exhaling through your mouth. Do this a few times, then let your breathing be natural and easy.

  3. Next, close your eyes. As you close your eyes, scan your body. See if there is tension anywhere, or any part of your body that you sense could be even more at ease. Put your attention anywhere that could possibly relax more, and simply intend to relax more fully and allow yourself to be supported.

  4. Once you feel as comfortable as you can be, then call light to you. You do this simply by intention. If you want to verbalize something you could say, "I call light to me. Please surround me with light, please flood my body and my energy field with beautiful white light." Then imagine, sense or feel the light growing brighter within you and all around you.

  5. Then, simply be still and ask: Soul, Divine Self, all that I am - please draw me close to you. Give me the peace, the love, the understanding, the feeling of connection with you. Help me to know that you are here with me and here for me. Open up my relationship to you and help me to trust that everything I need is within me. Within us. Is here for me, already.

  6. Then rest in this connection, in silence. Let whatever occurs, occur.

You don't need to stay here for very long. Even two or three minutes can be wonderful. Then, do this again, another time during the day. As often as you wish, pause, stand still, close your eyes, go within and invite conscious connection.

In the realm in which you are focused, you must call your Soul, your Divine Self, and light to you. For you are free to choose. Nothing asserts into your experience, you invite it in. With attention, with focus. The more you do this - initiating Oneness by going within and calling upon your own wholeness, the more alive your inner world will become.

This inner world is the true source of everything you experience - all that you think of as the "outer world," the "manifest world." As you begin to orient to the Source within you, the Light of the Oneness that is All, feelings of security, love, abundance, happiness, inner peace, well-being will arise more and more. You will start to love the silence and realize that by simply calming down, letting go, relaxing and inviting connection, you are immediately met, and fulfilled.

We encourage you to do this often and to make the focus of this inner connecting one of being in greater unity with your true Self.

The possibilities of this connection, and in this state of inner openness and awareness, are infinite. The choice to go within, to orient within, and open to who you truly are, is the doorway to everything. Everything lies within.

Video - "Total Integration - I Am the Divine Self That I Am & You Are ! - By Matt Kahn




Image may contain: candles, possible text that says 'THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU You have a powerful, beautiful, healing light within you. It is the perfect light of divine love, and cannot be touched by negativity. Negativity evaporates in its presence. Instead of trying to figure everything out, connect with this beautiful light, and watch your soul fill with Peace.'

Affirmations By Steve Nobel - I Am Ultra Violet Angelic Fire

Steve Nobel .....

"I invoke the power of Ultra-Violet Angelic Fire. I am one with this fire. I am the power of Ultra-Violet Light. I invoke the cleansing and liberating power of this light.


I am a force of Liberation in this world. I call on Ultra-Violet fire to liberate my reality, ultra-violet fire to liberate all beings who are calling for freedom in this world.


The source of this cleansing power is the angels of Ultra-Violet Fire. These angels are here at my invitation and by the invitation of my Higher Self, my Infinite-Multidimensional Self.........."


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Eloquently put.

Thanks so much for your nice reply Peggy. Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Enlightenment, & Abundance, Dave


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