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While I have been developing my own beliefs, I am interested in finding out what others believe. Perhaps you could influence me, over all I am very interested to hear about you guys, so lets get a good conversation going


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Moon magick mostly...whenever I can follow the cycles for Esbats and Sabbats...Blessed be!

Wrong discussion.... shit...

where was that other one?

No comprende'are you looking for something...but study yeah thatz good...no matter what your path it keeps you current is what it does....I've studied neo/paganism and wicca but am basically a Rosicrucian....Bless it be!

I mainly study at the time. I practice very little and study a LOT! but from what I have taken a liking in is sigil making, kitchen witchery, and i dabbled a little in dream magick, but I became very restless (pun intended). At the moment I am studying the many ways of scrying and divining. I worship the Hellenic gods and goddesses, and only a few Egyptian goddesses (Bast, Osiris and Isis mainly). I am always open to new studies, though. :) What do you believe? and/or study?

I use herbs, incense, chanting, meditating, and crystals. I ground myself by walking barefoot when I can, listening to the trees, touching and thanking anything in nature that I can. Just last week, I saw a nice storm coming. I put my favorite jewelry on and laid in the grass. Chanting and thanking the Goddess and God. The wind was blowing really hard and lightning and thunder was all around me. That was a beautiful blessing to me. Btw..... My 13yr old thought I was crazy. Everyone should try this


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