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There are many Celtic tradions to choose from. And there are tarditions within traditions as well. There are countless Druid organizations. There are numerous Celtic reconstructionist groups.And there are a lot of Celtic flavored groups. What do you follow? How to you follow the Celtic pantheon? Who are your primary gods? Do you have a spirit animal(s)? Share with us.

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That's a good question. I'm thinking with the Solstice around the corner and the rebirth of the sun, that it might be a good time to ask for guidance. As in a symbolic rebirth of myself. I guess I am asking for knowledge. Who would be best to ask? Or is this even the right time? I'm a bit confused in all of this.
You have come to the right place. What guidance do you seek? There is no wrong time to ask for help.
I'm not a member of any specific tradition, per se. I just try to follow the old ways as much as I can. I guess I am a reconstructionist, but follow my own path. I call on my ancestors, and the spirits of location wherever I happen to be. As far as Gods and Goddesses, Lugh, Belenus, Cerridwen, Brigid, and Nuada are those I may ask for help. Dagda is always good for anything general. I think that if I was looking for knowledge, I would probably ask Lugh, the all-skilled.
sometimes our heart find something but our mouth cant find the right words to say that,may be i am looking for this words what you say right here.thank you.
Well, here's what I came up with. I lit a couple incense and tried to clear my mind. Lit a candle and asked Cerridwen to help in my search for knowledge this coming year, as from what I understand is Her "thing". Another candle for Lugh asking for success in my works. And one for Brighid for inspiration and properity. I said a few simple words thanking Them. Offered a bit of wine and put everything out. I'm not sure this was any "proper" riual, but that's what I did. I did awake this morning feeling very energized and refreshed.
I have been trying to study the Celtic traditions for awhile now. Most of those that I would consider teachers of mine are of Native American traditions which draws me as well. I haven't settled on a specific god thought The Dagda is a personal favorite.

I fallow a celtic shaman/druid path. On the holidays i am a member of a celtic coven, as a prietess, that honors The Green Man and The Great Mother. I lean more toward the Irish patheon but do not restrict myself to just one path. My full craft name is Erin Blue Fey and I will explain that starting at the end. I use Fey as a last name as part of a personal joke I have. According to celtic myth a person like me is at worst a changling and at best said to have the Farie's Blessing because I am a transsexual. Blue is my color and my element is water but I do more earth based magick. I chose Erin because it was my birth name, Erin Brooke. I was born intersexed and after the doctor's did there "magick" I was renamed Jason Erin. Erin is also another name for the Irish Goddess Eriu who was one of the three goddess of soverinity and motherhood. She was also one of the last queens. I am not 100% but I have heard that she is the maiden aspecct of Eponya, I think that's the right spelling I am bad at spelling.

im new to the celtic path and would love to learn more

Nothing much lately... I got to bless water for Imbolc & that was special in the spirit of Saint Brighit... but I am taking a course I Celtic & Druid History!

Celtic Tribal Music - Forest Gathering - YouTube Video for celtic tribal music▶ 3:26 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4NpqTBZhZMI    

I'm mostly a Solitary...did study the Druid & Celtic history and of all the Celtic Tribes am wondering if they still exist today or is it just Druid now? Blessed Be!


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