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I've worked for a bit with crystal gridding and find it very fun and interesting.  

What I would like to open for discussion is...what was your experiences with crystal grids, share girds you've made that have worked for you, and other ways you use them.

I haven't done that many grids for manifestation, but I do Chair Grids.  I create healing, cleansing, or recharging grids underneath a chair.  I have a standing point that directs up in the center, to send the energy up through the spine.  People love it and feel the effects right away.  

I do have a picture of a manifestation grid I did to attract money....
I used magnetic hematite to attract the desired energies, pyrite/moss agate/citrine/aventurine in between to work with those energies of abundance/prosperity, the quartz/citrine/green calcite directed the energy to the center, labradorite for manifestation, citrine for positive energies, and actual money to clear that $20, but also to make it a beckon to attract more.  The outer circle, has a constant circular flow, keeping the energy moving, while the inner layers is more focused on directing the energy to center.  

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Hallooo...yes I know this...my room is a crystal grid and is triggered by a central crystal when I need it...yeah,is for cleanse, purify & I hope has a healing effect...I really like the clear crystals and always want them near me....if you study the subject, there are a number of stones that can be used in a crystal grid, but mainly I use the other ones as rings for the central stone...I really like this....I know you will too! Best of luck with it!


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