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I have learned through my experience that stones have there own personality. Some times you can have the exact same stone size and all and get very different results. This is because some stones like other things connect with people differently. I have also learned that if you ask a stone or in another line of my work herbs or anything really and let them no your reasoning and to please help you it tends to make a huge difference. I urge people to try it out and see what they think.

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I've found this to be true on many levels. I have an Aventurine that called to me the from the first moment that I saw it. It doesn't stand out to others, but even if I blindfold myself and put it in a bag with a bunch of others that are shaped just like it, I can still pick mine out the very first try.
That's awesome! I bet it's almost around you as well and doesn't try to pull a Houdini (a disappearing act) on you.
It has never disappeared. I know exactly where it is at all times. It's like I have a homing beacon to it's location at all times.
*smile* I do something very similar with mine - because they're all of varying shape, I identify them first, then I ask them if they will travel with me (in my pocket) or stay with the others. Also with my quartz, kyanite, and tourmalinated quartz, I ask them if they will rest inside the box I've segregated for them or out in the sun. A question, also: for light-sensitive stones, does that extend to artificial light or is that only for sunlight?
That's awesome! As to your question I would think that it would depend on the stone though I am not 100% sure......If I were to guess though I would say they are different due to one is from the sun itself.

i have found that there are certain stones that i just don't mesh well with.  for example, dark tourmaline and black obsidian.  i can use smokey quartz and snowflake obsidian in moderation.   much experimentation on my part has given me this insight.  and for some reason hemitite doesn't bother me. and yes, i agree that expressing your needs to your stones (or herbs or any other of your tools) creates and atmosphere of cooperation that is usually beneficial to getting the job done. 


I agree.  I do crystal healings and the stones that I work with during healings definitely can communicate.  My crystal pendants and the ones I tend to work with the most tend to show their personality, messages, and even just tell me which ones to wear that day.  All of my gems are my babies because I took the time to bound and connect with each of them before I use them for healing other or just by myself.  
The best way to start communicating with your gem-babies is through pendulum.  I ask mine question on what makes them happy, and they eventually get connected enough where I can just sense what they want.  I have a black opal with a strong and needy personality...lol.  


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