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Do you sometimes feel as though your personal ethics clash with the majority-accepted ethical ideals?

What are some things which you personally condone and which are often things frowned upon by many followers of Right Hand Paths?

How do you deal with being the 'odd man out' if any of these things apply to you?

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<-- ignorent asshole Yes i actually hate it when they say im going to die of bad causes because i practice what i practice! I get to enjoy life the way i live it so i tell the idiots that are ignorent to the dark to go shuv it up there cracks and shyt it out there pieholes if they dont agree... I HATE IGNORENCE!!!!!
i hate the phrase "god bless you" and " you need jesus". if i wanted that id do it on my own, but i didnt so drop it.
Most of what i do is frowned upon by someone or other, so i learned to just smile and nod my head at most of the people that bitch at me, it pisses em off every time hehe, and as to things i condone that are frowned upon, there isn't much i frown upon in the first place, so that should answer that hehe.


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