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I've been attending a group meditation the past few weeks and the past few journeys I've had were literally mind-blowing.


After buying a magnificent celestite geode fragment, I used it in a couple meditations and found myself whisked up into the company of the angels.  More than that, I felt this unspoken welcome as though they called me one of their own.  One of these visions even showed them handing me one of their holy swords.


I seek understanding and insight about this - what exactly this could mean and/or why this happened.  I can also recount the content of these visions upon request.

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A recount would be helpful. However, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say maybe you are being "called" to be a spiritual warrior?

*small chuckle* Not sure it was needed twice in a row, but here they are:


In the first vision I had, I was first whisked into the heavens where I was surrounded by angels who welcomed me as a brother or close friend.  The next scene was of a funeral and body burning ceremony.  Everyone was in black robes and hoods except the deceased who happened to me my still-living mother.  After the gathered had shared their memories and spoken their peace, I was handed the torch to light the pyre, then picked up my acoustic guitar and played some songs.  I also notice two angels on either side of me while I'm playing, and one of them hands me a sword like the ones they wore.


The second vision I was given showed another burning ceremony, this time with my still-living father atop the pyre and a host of angels along with the people there.  I again was handed the torch for the pyre and played my guitar after the ceremony, and seemed to be the only person who could see the angels present.


The final and most brief vision I had was where I learned that the holy weapon I'd been gifted had a name and what that name is.

Meditation can take us to a lot of different places.  Whereas it sounds like your sacred place in the astral realm is your 'heaven' and your kindred are angels, mine is a meadow with wolves who know me and have for many many lifetimes.
That could well be, but I have this sort of almost nagging feeling that there's something more to it. What's your deeper take?
Wow this is fascinating.  Upon reading this story by Drietlan, I am now thinking of my own dream experience where an ancient priest in what felt like ancient Egypt took me to a private chamber where I sat alone in front of a cauldron filled with water... and up from the cauldron came letters spelling what I was told was my 'name'...   What do we think we need to do about this information?  I'm very curious....
I'm noticing a huge amount of spiritual awakening as of late, so hearing a similar vision doesn't really surprise me.  Definitely ask around for what that could mean because, much like mine, yours could have real-world significance now or sometime later.

ok um i think they want you to hunt for them my job is to help keep balence between the realms an to protect the inocent an hunt evil they will probebly ether ask you if they can use your body to hunt down an kill something that they see as a threat or they want you to start doing what i do ......if they ask to use your body be careful you may not get it back for a long time


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