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I have been studying aspects of Wicca for around 2 years or so.  In that time, it's mostly been reading books (Kate West, D.J. Conway and many others) on the basics of Wicca.  I've also have been reading other book on Runes, Tarot and elements (either the 5 elements or various others: crystals, herbs, candles, etc) and their meanings and uses. 


But my question here is this:  I am not an initiated witch.  In fact, I haven't even done the dedication yet, let alone the study for a year and a day.  But is it possible to do a spell, for my own personal use and harming no one, but do it in a way that would produce Dark or evil magick?

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I would be careful, you never know what doors, etc. you may open. I practice on my own as well. I have never been initiated. I do however come from a powerful line, that I am only now discovering.
Just remember the rede "Harm none do as thy will".  What you send out into the universe you will receive back so take care and plan the rituals well and all will be fine.   Ive never been initiated into a coven but have been practicing for years now and so far Ive been ok.  The nice thing about being a solitary witch is that it broadens the scope of the horisons quite a bit.  Personally I think my guardians tend to work overtime when I practice the art but theres nothing like getting your fingers burnt and learning along the way.  Good luck and above all be serious but also remember to have fun!
Ive been practicing (sort of) since teenhood when I got my first tarrot cards a set of runes and found the whole thing rather facinating.  I still find everything facinating and the luster has never worn off after all of these years.  while some things have gone hawire Ive never got into any serious problems.  I think its because Ive never used magic for self gain or to manipulate others.  Ive always tried to send out positive as I feel that what you send out you will receive in buckets eventually and negative fallout would not be a good thing!!  Of course I slip up - Im human afterall but I consider it part of the learning experience and move on after dusting myself off and thanking my guardians for their timely assistence.  Its all fun and learning so have fun and learn along the way.


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