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One of the things I can remember as far back as I can go is my constant fear of - just about anything.  Over the years, this fear, this "molestation" has stayed with me and constantly ruled my life.  Until tonight, whenever I asked myself what I wanted - my mind was blank.  However, tonight, I know that I want to live without fear, as I know myself to be honest, kind, hardworking - and blanketed by fear.  How do I shed this blanket?



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always feel whats in your heart. Be strong and know that you have alot of strength. Take your fear write it down on a paper and burn it away. That will show yourself that you are strong and able to do anything. please let me know. You can defeat your fear.
I will do what you say and keep you informed. Thank you for answering.
I think Robert is giving good advice. Sometimes it still haunts you a bit after that kind of ritual, and might be stronger if repeated... or as you take off layer by layer... each burning leads to a new discovery, sometimes a new fear that you want to burn.

Eventually you get to the source.
Thank you, Rebecca; I will do as you and Robert advise and let you know what turns up under the layers. Blessed be to you both!
I know first hand how you feel and though it can sometimes feel as if the fear is in control the truth is when you decide to live above it that is when your heart truly opens...do not get me wrong the dread of the fear returning can often follow behind you waiting for a way to get back in, my best advise to you is look within and release your heart from the chains that binds its and go one day at a time. knowing the power your carry not only within but with out....Blessed be
I stand on solid ground. I take my fear/pain/miasma that's bothering me and push it out through my toes.
If it's really bad it takes awhile I imagine waves of cool energy washing it all away. Down and away.
Ive a lot of fears but one thing Ive learnt with practicing the Art is that Im not alone. There is always someone even if you dont see them. I sit quiet in the park, or the beach or wherever suits and have a mental conversation with the wild life and other elements and then feel much better. The nice thing is that they dont run away and only listen which is what I usually need - just someone to listen and not judge me. Try it and see if it helps but just remember to be truthful and honest and respectful of them and thank them for their presence when you leave.


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