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Can anyone help me, I need material on Wicca and Paganism to better understand what I want to do, and If so how I go about doing it, any help will be amazing.

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Hello, i started by finding out where my family came from then started reading history on there. Found out what they followed and lots of reading.

My family is Christian orientated. So basically just READ>>>READ>>>READ

I meant Irish,German,Scottish, the roots of your family. Me myself im Lithuanian so i looked up there history
Look up what you are made of. Find what makes you tick and you will know when you find it. Its in you already.

I am new myself, I have been reading what ever I can find on the web, also went to half price books and bought a few books for beginners there. One of them , believe it or not " The complete idiot's guide to Wicca and Witchcraft"



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