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I was wondering if any of my friends here at Neopagan have found that some claim Paganism as their religion just because they think it's cool or hip. I know that there was a time when being a Christian was the in-thing to do, or being Buddhist/Hindu/Toaist, and so on. So I was wondering if this has been something you've run into or not.

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Absolutely! A month or so ago I put a message on a sister site about this. There are some people I work with.. young adults.. who suddenly decided to create a coven... but have never studied paganism in any way shape or form. They just decided to make up their own "spells" and dabble in witchcraft with no guidance. I tried to tell them that paganism is a lifestyle, a belief system... but I think they watched the Harry Potter movies one too many times to get a good grasp on that. People like that make a joke out of our beliefs... it is just sad!
Yeah, I've run into that in the past. Although I'll answer anyones questions on the subject the best I can, I do try to remind peoplke that no path is to be taken lightly.
That is my main problem. I've run into so many fad pagans, that when someone tells me that they are a pagan, I am careful with asking them questions and asking them for help when it comes to my quest. Thank goodness for a site like this!
If you don't understand it and join anyway because other people are joining, it's a fade!
So true and good point!
I really enjoy reading your story. I might have to check out that book that you mentioned.
Merry Meet!

Yes! definitely, but I figure, maybe you just have to be patient and hope that they find their path in life, not all of us know exactly who we are from birth, so what I do is try to keep exploring myself in hopes that one day I can help guide someone onto their path. I am not saying that I will every be to a point where I will know and understand all, and I cant say I want that, I love to explore new ways of thinking and ways of doing things, I just want to help others appreciate all of our differences! We are completely unique, and I love it!
True True. Of course I also know that I have to be very careful. Not everything in this world is good, and there are times when those beings that are evil will try and come in and take over. I have a couple of friends that this has happened to. I was also wondering if you knew of any good books that could help me learn more about the moon goddess.
i have found this to be true people do find it hip to be pagan or wiccan.
hopefully though once they get into it they will discover it to be something they really love.
but the old ways far out date modern religions........so i dont think the true followers have to worry about it being just a passing fad.

blessed be!
I have been battling a serious ordeal about the bath I choose. I have been a Christian since I was 6, and I have no plans to turn away from my faith. But I have been told that with Paganism being on the opposite end of the spectrum, that I can't combine the two. Is this true?
that depends on who you ask...I feel christianity and pagan faiths are not mixable due to the commandment: worship no other gods before me...but others feel differently. What do you think??
I honestly believe that if you look into the origins of Christianity you will find Paganism. This is what I believe based on reviews of others research. If you choose to believe this, there is no problem blending, but as Lord Soth says, you can't be 100 percent of both or you will find conflicts within.

I am of the faith to take pieces of all that you believe. I have pieces of spirituality and science. If I come upon a conflict, I determine my way through to resolve it. Sometimes it's a little painful in that I learn about my own hidden reservations but those of gems of knowledge.


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