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So if you read my profile you'll get the DL on me I am so confused on what to do. I know I want to do magic, good magic, like good spells and stuff but I DONT want anything to d with the devil or any bad demons or spirts. I heard i'd be looking into Wicca then but then i need to ead a lot of books about it. What kind of books and what are they going to do to help me? Oh and i dnt want to do anything with like cutting myself with a knife to bleed cause i cant cut myelf. I just cant do that. pain....ehh.

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To begin one must start at the beginning so get a few good books on herbs and crystals and read up on colors and candles and such.  Start basic.  When I started I kept a book on things of use like art, herbs, crystals and correspondences that I still use today.  To do magic is to constantly learn about yourself and your planet and to be apart of its cycles and seasons.  Nothing comes easy but the magic is in you.  Im a Solitary and my prefered areas are elemental and nature magics and books are my constant companion.  Its a good journey but the path is diverse and is yours alone to choose.  May our Lady guide you and I wish you well as you step into a much more interesting world.

   Lets begin by noting that devil, demons, and cutting yourself have nothing to do with pursuing a Wiccan path or even a Pagan path as I understand & practice it.   Intention is the very heart of  a Wicca , and only you know what those intentions are.  I am glad you wish to do things, "With Harm Towards None."  It is an important notion and the core of much of the work we do.  Spells for whatever purpose, are a long way off should you decide to pursue this spiritual path. 

That said.. The Witches Journey is the journey within.  It is neither easy or simple.  It is naturalistic and follows the rhythms of nature without and within.  It tends to be Goddess oriented or emphasis is on what is characteristically known as the Divine Feminine.  To me it is abundantly rewarding as a practitioner.

   For greater understanding I suggest books that introduce aspects of the craft then have follow up exercises that allow you to define yourself with those exercises.. they inform, then allow you to evaluate.  Silver Raven Wolf has several such books and I do not mean the fluffy ones that are more for pleasure reading. (she has a few of those, after all she is an author) Good starters are  "To Ride A Silver Broomstick," or  "To Stir a Magick Cauldron" are suitable for this purpose.  There are others of course, and some of the authors I will lift up for your consideration are: Amber K "True Magick, A Beginner's Guide", most books by Scott Cunningham, "WICCA for Men" by A.J.Drew; "The Witches God" and other books by Janer & Stewart Farrar, "Moon Magick" and other books by D.J. Conway;  Several books by Phyllis Curott such as "Book of Shadows" & "Witchcrafting, The Making of a Witch." Last and certainly not least is Raven Grimassi whose works have tweaked my interest for years.. however, I do not think these would be good starter books.

  The above should "prime your pump" and give you a good start.  Historically I should mention "Drawing Down the Moon" by Margo Adler.  She has updated her book and it is an excellent overview. 

Blessings on your journey Luxe Michalski,

You have taken the first step by asking the question(s).


Question - Why did none of those books make it to South Africa?? I find locating reading materials hard back home and have to rely on the internet alot.


  I have no idea of why you do not have these books in South Africa but you should be able to get them off of the internet or ebay.  I can find them fairly easily in the United States at almost any bookstore.  Good luck on your journey.


Thanks Ive jotted the names down and will do a search for them as soon as work allows.  That the problem with coming form a reserved country is that reading material is severely restricted - not as bad as it used to be but restricted none the less and it makes getting information difficult.  Thank the Lady for the internet hay?!
hmm... basically anything by Scott Cunningham, and Raymond Buckland. Wicca: guide for the solitary practitioner by cunningham. Wicca for one by Raymond Buckland. These books help with the layout of the rituals ,the god and goddess, ethics, sabbiths, esbats, little intro to divination, the tools, etc. i've heard Starhawk is good, but i haven't read her yet. from what i've heard D.J conway is not very good, as well as silver ravenwolf ( sadly enough i found this out after i bought some of her books, i'll still read them as getting an idea of what it is, but i'll get other's for a more indepth look). remember to question everything.

Glad to seee that Im not the only one who didnt like Conway and Ravenwolf - I found them a little "flat" as it were.  Margret Roberts writes some good herb-type books though they are not craft related and she has some excellent recipies too.  Ive tried some of them and they work


Really? I like Ravenwolf. I might feel different if i had started off with another writer though. Her books helped me a lot in the beginning. Is there a specific reason why yall don't like her?

A few years ago when I heard of wicca for the first time, I read Teen Witch: Wicca for the New Generation by Silver Ravenwolf, it gave a pretty good insight and helped me get started on the path... more of a religious path than an actively magical one but baby steps first. Another book I like is How To Become A Witch by Amber K (and Azrael Arynn K) it was just released in Dec of 2010 I believe. Good luck!
That's a good list of books.  I have some but I'm going to write down the rest and try and find them.  I'm also going to reread them because I have trouble remembering what I read.  Thank you
Try to look into a book called ultimate book of shadows new generation solitary witch by silver raven wolf. It was recomended to me because i'm still learning myself
one book that i adore is Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf, it has EVERYTHING in it


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