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I was sitting in my room about two months ago (which is in my creepy basement) and i heard someone call my name. It was creepy but i just ignored it cuz i though I imagined it. Well two weeks ago i was laying in bed and i happened again and it kept on repeating my name. I was so scared i started to cry and screamed till my mom came downstairs. She thinks I am crazy. Yesterday, my friend and I were in the family room in the basement just dancing around being wierd and all the doors in the basement ( allof the the office door, all the closet doors, opened up, and slammed shut twice. My friend and I flipped out and ran like our lifes depended on it upstairs. I now refuse to go downstairs. Nothing happens to my parents when their down there. What in the world is wrong with my basement?????????

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Fascinating... do you know anything about the history of the house? How long have you lived there?

The housewas brand new and we had lived there for about a month.


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