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I am an earth element to the core. Its what i connect to. Hence, Spirit to Earth!
Tell me what you think and show me yours =)

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Very simple and very nicely done. I really like the lettering.
I like that alot! The script is very pretty...love it.
Jade. that's beautiful! When i get my film developed i'll put mine on here. i have 5. all mean something to. times i'll never forget. and a wonderful son whose always in my heart. blessed be.
i have five all together, too. Two shamrocks, a mushroom( my wilder years, lol), a faerie to represent my mom and the above one. lately, ive been getting the itch to probably soon after the new years im gonna get another. i have to have balance and the pentacle is on my left arm so im gonna get a triquetra on my right with script that reads: Mind, Body, Spirit. i dont want to get ivy on this one, but i am thinking of having it look like its glowing. Like the power you get when they are all one. I cant wait to see everybody elses!!! i also have three piercing other than my ears. FUN!
Very nice, simple colors, clean lines, and one can tell that you totally love your ink! Here's my calf.

I was at work one day, not very enthusiatic to be standing around for the whistle to blow, felt like I was squeezing money out of the clock so I drew this picture. This is my tattoo of how I feel about hourly work. My friend the tattoo artist added the color, and voila! It is precious to me though it be not directly spiritual.
This is on my upper back

Gustav Klimt 'Tree of Life'


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