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The luner wolf

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Relationship Status:
Single, Looking
Zodiac Sign:
Do you remember your past lives?
Atlantean, Mythological Hero/Heroine, Greek Philosopher, Etruscan Magician, Druid, Egyptian Priest/ess, Neanderthal, Unknown Knight, Pharaoh, Eretic Soul, animal, other
Path or Tradition:
my own
Do you have a religion?
Spiritsm, Celtic
taco bell
Magic of choice:
Chaos Magick, Mental, Black Magic, Wicca, Shinto, Earth-Gaia Magic, Circle, Necromancy, Spells, Oracles, Shamanism, Alchemy, Runes, Celtic, Sorcery, Crystals, Angelic, Sex Magic, Natural Magic, Animism, Divination, Tarot, Other
Where you perform rituals?
inside your house, forests, on a beach, other, fields, on a quiet street, midnight cemetery, pagan circle, ancient ruin, rooftop, around a bonfire, mountains, valley, hills, mental ritual
How do you perform your ritual?
the way i was told to or read how to
Cemetery of choice:
Forest of choice:
Beach of choice:
Among my preferred tools for Magick rituals:
Human Blood, Magic sword, Other
What about Drugs?...
I hate
What about dancing?
I dance around a mystic fire, Dancin' for the Gods, Other
Food orientation:
Vegetarian's dilemma: Do you think eating meat is a crime?
Not really..
Favorite food:
Spaghetti, Pizza, Steak, Cotton candy, pop corn, meat balls, Nachos, Burritos, Black Angus steak, Other
Type of Ethnic food you like:
Italian, American, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Spanish, Scottish, Russian, Iceland, Other
Preferred beverage:
Soda, Water, Wine, Juice, other
Favorite Movies:
alot to list
Favorite Music:
alot to list
Favorite Band:
i like all
Favorite Books:
house of night
Partner Preference:
Searching for a Neopaganic adventure?
Neopagan relation, Neopagan friends, Neopagan guide
Any Pets?
Pet Details?
soild black
job corps
raven and alexander
Erotic Orientation:
Goth, Other
Sex Drive:
Erotic,Tantric, SexMagick status:
No talent at all
People you like:
people like me
People you hate:
Political Orientation?
How would you like to end up?
Cremated, Green burial
Best City in the World:
city of the moon
An Old Egyptian Vampire is inside the Great Cheope Pyramid at Giza, do you enter?
Yes absolutely!!
Do you like Italian "Pandoro" Cake?
I love it!
Alien of choice:
About this site:
Love it!!
Do you hate our Questionnaire or...??

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Posted on October 11, 2010 at 12:42pm 0 Comments

Remember that this is just a guideline. You can (and should) adapt the ritual to fit your individual style and beliefs.

Supplies you’ll need for a basic ritual

1 yellow candle

1 red candle

1 blue candle

1 green candle

1 purple candle

A lighter or matches

Additional supplies you might like to use

A smudge stick made of dried sage (for purification)

Dried sweet grass (for the drawing of spiritual energy)




Posted on October 11, 2010 at 12:35pm 2 Comments

Although Nyx is the embodiment of Night in a literal divine personification, she is actually very similar to what people typically consider the Earth Goddess, Gaia. Nyx is found everywhere, she is most powerful at night, which is why her special children have always been vampyres. Since ancient times, vampyres have honored Nyx by living in a matriarchal society where women rule, but men are honored and respected for their roles as guardians and companions. Nyx ensouls the earth – filling rocks,… Continue

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At 5:34pm on January 31, 2011, CeeKay Marie said…
Hello there! Been a while! Sorry. I hope all is well.
At 2:07pm on January 24, 2011, Shadowcat said…
Same here, I'm sort of blending them together to make my own type of magick that works well for me. It's nice to see someone else who enjoys the magick of the darkness and all it entails.
At 11:59am on January 24, 2011, Shadowcat said…
Do you do other kinds of "dark magick"?
At 2:04am on January 24, 2011, Shadowcat said…
Cool, I work blood magick, it's not for everyone, but there are some of us who work with it just fine. Have a good week. :)
At 1:19pm on December 13, 2010, Shadowcat said…

Yeah,,,,, ssssssssoooooooo What's up with you, anything interesting, or unuasual  happen lately? I've been having strange dreams, I don't know if their visions or anything like that, but I do know that the're not normal dreams. Have a good week Marry Part :) 

At 12:51pm on December 13, 2010, Sammi said…

nothing much just been very busy lately, merry meet

At 1:24pm on December 10, 2010, Shadowcat said…

I'm doing good, I'm in a really good mood today because among other things, I got the only thing I really wanted for my birthday yesterday. It's a silver necklace, for my pentagram, I think it looks better then the black cord I was using.

At 12:03pm on December 10, 2010, Shadowcat said…

Hey, What's up? How are you? Merry Yule!

At 11:30am on December 10, 2010, Fille de Nyx said…

Well i told you pretty much everything but don't forget to pray to our Goddess on the next full moon. merry part, until merry meet again

At 11:24am on December 10, 2010, Fille de Nyx said…

thanks you're very helpful...so you want to know anything?


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