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Oriel liked Stormey's profile
Jun 15, 2019

Profile Information

Naptown, USA
Relationship Status:
Zodiac Sign:
Scorpio (Inoffensive)
Do you remember your past lives?
Renaissance Alchemist, Solitary Witch
Path or Tradition:
Celtic, Norse, Etruscan, Ecclectic Witch
Self Employed
Magic of choice:
Asatru, Ceremonial, Evocations, Mental, Wicca, White Magic, Earth-Gaia Magic, Circle, Wicca, Egyptian, Spells, Druidry, Pendulum, Seance, Oracles, Shamanism, Channelling, Alchemy, Runes, Celtic, Sorcery, Crystals, Angelic, Natural Magic, Scrying, Divination
Where you perform rituals?
inside your house, forests, in a car, on a beach, in the bath tub, other, fields, on a quiet street, pagan circle, around a bonfire
How do you perform your ritual?
By Grounding and Centering first and preparing by cleansing myself, Body, Mind, Spirit, preparing Sacred Space, calling the quarters, invoking the God/Goddess of that I am focusing on depending on the Ritual, stating my intent/weaving the spell and buiding the energy, then directing it toward purpose. After the magick is worked, I offer something to the God/Goddess and other participants, if in attendance. I then prepare to close the Ritual/Open the circle by showing appreciation for the Divine and thanking/releasing the quarters. I hope I have included everything....
Cemetery of choice:
Among my preferred tools for Magick rituals:
No bloody things!!, I'm out of black magic, Other
What about Drugs?...
Viva Caffeine!, Viva Wine!, Viva Nicotine!, Viva Cocaine!
What about dancing?
I dance around a mystic fire, Dancin' for the Gods, Other
Food orientation:
Carnivore, Fish eater
Vegetarian's dilemma: Do you think eating meat is a crime?
Hell No!
Favorite food:
Spaghetti, Pizza, Steak, Hamburger, Fried Eggs, bananas, pop corn, Kosher dill pickles, Chicago stuffed pizza, Fettucine Alfredo, Nachos, Burritos, Grilled anything, Other
Type of Ethnic food you like:
Italian, French, German, Mexican, Chinese, Greek, Other
Preferred beverage:
Soda, Wine
Favorite Movies:
Scent of a Woman. I love Al Pacino and anything he's ever done. I would have had his children but he wasn't interested.... Still love him however...
Favorite Music:
Ah, good one. Well of course the obvious which would be Celtic,Celia is beautiful artist in every sense, but my roots are soundly placed in the more Contemporary Folk sounds that speak of Tori Amos, Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls, Janis Joplin. Melissa Etheridge, along that line, but I am a music lover. I really appreciate all of Art and it's expression. The only thing I really can't tolerate is Rap. Fave song of the moment? BuckCherry, 'Crazy Bitch'. Just does something for me, so does he, donno why
Favorite Books:
I love to learn, as though my brain just can't absorb enough knowlege. I love Ancient Greek Philosophy, Eqyptian, Roman, etc. I know I have lived many lives and this may explian my interest in the past and history. Anything Magickal, I like it. Silver Ravenwolf is very good if you need something you can really comprehend and user friendly, but I have met Raymond Buckland, very good man, although he's a bit over the top at times for me. He does have some great reference books available, which reminds me, I'll have to send him an email about the site. I have some pix with him taken last summer at Camp Chesterfield. I'll put them up to share if I can remember it. What with the shop I am so insanely busy!
Favorite Quote:
Life is not measured by how my breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away...
Favorite Website: (Info Only - no other communities please)
Partner Preference:
Searching for a Neopaganic adventure?
Neopagan relation, Neopagan friends, Neopagan guide, Neopagan networking
Preferred Car:
I drive a nissan xterra and I love it. Really cute but rough and tumble too, kinda like me! I also have my endorsement and I want a Harley of my own, just to say I did it. Not much fun riding anything else
Any Pets?
Pit, Chihuahua, Pomerainian, Min Pinsher
Pet Details?
What can I say? I got a really soft spot for animals in need and they are all rescue. One is developmentally disabled. I feel more for animals than I do most people. They don't hurt you as often or for the wrong reasons
Bahelor Degree in Business,
20 year old dughter, 17 year old son, Raised them on my own. Now I have a gorgeous grandbaby who's 3!
Erotic Orientation:
Normal, Confidential
Sex Drive:
Erotic,Tantric, SexMagick status:
Goddess of Love
People you like:
I don't really like anyone. I have to be honest about that. If you knew me, you'd automatically get it, but I LOVE everyone! That used to not make sense. But you can love someone and not like them, I learned this while raising teenagers!
People you hate:
I don't harbor hatred. It's something I learned to let go of a long time ago, kind of came hand in hand with learning to love myself and forgive the past.
Political Orientation?
I don't do politics
How would you like to end up?
If you will be mummified, where?
Egyptian pyramid
Favorite Archeological site:
Egypt, Greece
Best City in the World:
An Old Egyptian Vampire is inside the Great Cheope Pyramid at Giza, do you enter?
No fuckn way!!!
Do you like Italian "Pandoro" Cake?
Don't know
Alien of choice:
I hate Aliens!!
About this site:
Love it!!
Do you hate our Questionnaire or...??
I love IT!!!!

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Stormey's Blog

The Law Of Karma

Posted on May 15, 2009 at 10:17pm 1 Comment

The topic of this article is the concept of Karma, which is common to most Eastern Philosophies be it Hinduism or Buddhism.

It is said that in the second watch of the night when the Buddha attained enlightenment he gained a different kind of knowledge, which complemented his knowledge of rebirth – The Law of Karma.

Karma is mistaken in the West as a doctrine of Fate or Predestination. It is not so. The word… Continue

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At 3:36am on March 10, 2014, attah ibrahim said…

Dearest One.

I am Mr Ibrahim Attah, I have something very important to shear with you. contact me through my Email Address: ibrahim6@gmail.com. for more details.

Ibrahim Attah.

At 10:47pm on December 22, 2010, Cameron S. said…
I'm sad now...I have no paypal account...I wish I could send you a check or something like that...it's to bad :(
At 10:20pm on December 22, 2010, Cameron S. said…

ok so I checked out the site you talked about, and honestly I love it now i just have one problome figuring out what necklace to get lol I was amazed to see Lughs sheild, for he is one of the Gods that I work with closely, they there is Ouroborous which I have always had a cnnection to I also reaaly liked the draco pentagram. every 13th of each month a group of pagans from Champaighn IL get together, and I plan to tell about your site. I can't wait for my next paycheck to get one of the mentioned charm/pendants.


Blessed be

Cameron S.


At 5:46pm on December 27, 2009, White Dog Woman gave Stormey a gift
Thank you for the friend request. I thought the gnome was cute. Love your hat in the pic.
At 12:29pm on June 12, 2009, GYPSY said…

At 6:39pm on May 9, 2009, The Wiccan Wolfe said…
Merry Meet Stormey,

Thankyou for allowing me the pleasure of being your friend.

Blessed Be,
The Wiccan Wolf (Roger)
At 11:30am on January 4, 2009, Rebecca (Community Moderator) said…
Thanks for your note and your comments, Stormey....
Happy New Year!
At 6:37am on December 12, 2008, Kali4nia said…
Thx for the add! Love the slideshow, where was the little nature walk pics taken?
At 3:10am on November 28, 2008, Rebecca (Community Moderator) said…

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