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Sa Ankhu
  • Female
  • Windhoek
  • Namibia

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Sa Ankhu

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At 11:34pm on November 26, 2017, Sa Ankhu said…

Have published my first book - amateur work but i am proud to be an internet author: 


it is an e-book format, affordable and a good read.  

A book filled with short stories born from the imagination of the author which takes you to a world filled with magic, dragons, demons, angels, vampires, planet wars and other dimensions and more. There are nations at war, conflict between the creatures of day and of night and the struggles of humans to survive in between all these supernatural events. Stories filled with personal struggle and the enlightenment of that character to overcome the conflict within themselves and to accept their destiny. Each story has their own theme, but the genre of fantasy and science fiction is evident in all the stories. A first novel, and more to come

Life is to be

  • Seek knowledge
    Power in yourself lie in having knowledge
    Be enlightened
    Strive to be free of materialistic prison
    Free your mind
    Free your soul
    Your DNA is Divine, be the divine creature you were meant to be
    Know that you are perfect
    Know that you are sacred
    Know that you are blessed

    Respect all life - don't destroy
    Care for all life - don't abuse or mistreat
    Bless all life and bless creation- 
    Don't judge or be prejudicial
    Except every one in love and peace

    Seek to know more about that which you fear and break free of it

    Bless yourself
    Love yourself
    Believe in yourself
    You can be all you want to be 
    Never let people tell you that you are not good enough to do a task or that you wont be able to study...do and discover - you will never know until you try

    Don't let political agendas cloud your mind, but be mindful of their decisions so not to be blindsided
    Don't spread lies of damn other religions, watch and learn from them and always better your spirituality as your soul commands
    Learn about all aspects of live for the science, the art and spirituality are all connected.

    Live in the peace of the Spirit of Creation and live with the Spirit of Nature

    Be nature and all the elements
    Be magic and the power of creating
    Be modern but old Traditional 
    Recognized the dark and light within you

    I believe in the bloodlines
    I believe in the Occultic Chaos magickal
    I believe in the Spirit of Creation
    I believe in the Order of Ma'at

    Ra my eternal father
    Aset my eternal mother
    Under the guardian and protection of Sekhet and Heru
    Life guidance and beauty of live given from Bast and Hrt-Hwr

    I am Kemetic Orthodox
    I am witch
    I am Sea Priestess
    I am Pagan

    Live, love and be happy

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Zodiac Sign:
Do you remember your past lives?
I don't remember past lives
Path or Tradition:
Kemetic Chaos Orthodox
Do you have a religion?
Magic of choice:
Asatru, Chaos Magick, Wicca, Egyptian, Hermetic Qabalah, Enochian, Spells, Pendulum, IChing, Oracles, Thelema, Runes, Crystals, Hermetic Magic, Natural Magic, Divination, Tarot, Other
Where you perform rituals?
inside your house
How do you perform your ritual?
I have open rituals, only some are bound to the sacred space, my home is the temple i worship in and all of nature. I honour my Great Father and Mother and the gifts they bestowed upon me, ask for grace for the time to come and celebrate life with them. In that I do my magic as i chose to make magic part of my life not something only for a circle for i believe we are all connected in the energy waves of life and as such to respect that and in our ritual we give honour to all living beings - but boundaries are set between the living and the dead...
Forest of choice:
Congo Rain Forest
Beach of choice:
Swakopmund, Namibia
Among my preferred tools for Magick rituals:
What about Drugs?...
I hate
What about dancing?
I hate dancin'!
Food orientation:
Fish eater
Vegetarian's dilemma: Do you think eating meat is a crime?
Favorite food:
Spaghetti, Pizza, Pancakes, Cotton candy, bananas, Italian peperoni, Macaroni & cheese, Grilled anything, Other
Type of Ethnic food you like:
Italian, Chinese
Preferred beverage:
Water, Wine, Juice
Favorite Movies:
Space, fantacy, Star Wars, Sci-fi, detective, murder, spy - action (any movie except romance or factual movies - no fun in them)
Favorite Music:
Pop, Rock, Metal, new age
Favorite Band:
Linkin Park, Evanescence, Enigma
Favorite Books:
Fantacy, Sci Fi
Favorite Quote:
Live like it is your last day
Love like there's no tomorrow
Laugh like you have never laughed before
Favorite Website: (Info Only - no other communities please)
Partner Preference:
Searching for a Neopaganic adventure?
Neopagan relation, Neopagan friends, Neopagan networking
Preferred Car:
something that drives and can park easily
Any Pets?
Pet Details?
Black and Samese
BTech Degree
Erotic Orientation:
Sex Drive:
Erotic,Tantric, SexMagick status:
No talent at all
People you like:
Anybody who accepts me as i am
People you hate:
Two faced and the hypocrytical
Political Orientation?
dont waste my time with idiots who know less than what i do
How would you like to end up?
Cremated, Green burial, other
If you will be mummified, where?
Egyptian pyramid
Favorite Archeological site:
Best City in the World:
An Old Egyptian Vampire is inside the Great Cheope Pyramid at Giza, do you enter?
Yes absolutely!!
Do you like Italian "Pandoro" Cake?
Don't know
Alien of choice:
Martian, Venusian, Klatuu, Alpha Centurian, Ophiucanus, Syriusian, Lunatic, Other
About this site:
Too soon to say...hmmm...
Do you hate our Questionnaire or...??
I love IT!!!!

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