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Our Source is Not of Dictate. .

   The god of the Bible is of dictate, the book where  HE is OUR SOURCE. Where HE is a dictator demanding obedience through threat of our death. And how can you love this god except in fear of your existence? and how can fear ever inspire love?  Our source is not of dictate or of rules brought forth by the will of men. We know as Wiccan and Pagan inherently to do no harm, for it was instilled within through our SOURCE, the one of compassion and life  who chose not man before woman or son…


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    Considering some organized religious systems and their capacity for destruction through their faithful, a return to the ancient is really what is needed in the 21st century.Before Judaism, before the birth of Christianity, Ancient people worshipped, they had ritual and they weren't godless. The source of the universe was contemplated by our ancestors as they looked to nature for spiritual truths. When you consider for instance how destructive Judeo-Christianity has been as the Bible is…


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At this time on Earth the pagan may be considered as  'primitive' with all the negative that comes with the Word. I believe that the cornerstone of purity is of early paganism. Those of the past who knew of the source of things through nature, the natural world. The god and goddess known through the androgynous; plants and trees then the perfect source of faith. The tree symbolic of the creative force of all things, still the perfect symbol for modern times. Consider the Celtic cross that…


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Mystery Cults

..This week let's go way back in time to talk about Mystery Cults!  Mystery religions were religious cults in Ancient Greece and Rome.  Participation was reserved to initiates and secrecy was kept as to the particulars of the initiation and the cult practice in general.   But how did these sects function within their societies?  Were they accepted?  Were there conflicts?  Talking just about this one aspect of life in Ancient Greece and Rome can give great insight into how people back then…


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Family, Friends and Familiars

A Familiar. What is family that is not human? Those who know you, and accept and understand as you sacrifice for them.  One Familiar in my house is difficult to photograph so her image cannot be displayed. She is a  Beta named Ryn. I found her in the standard pet shop setting, she was in a small plastic cup, the Betas stacked on top of each other, she was near the bottom of the stack. I saw her as one of the disposable, not likely to be chosen compared to the more colorful ones available. I…


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     When the name GOD is used or spoken, do you automatically think HE? I have found many do if not consciously, and this notion is a main contributor to atheism. In ancient paganism the Goddess was acknowledged alongside the God, she his equal in full strength of mind. It was in the time of the Old Testament that  the God began to dominate, thus silencing the Goddess where the female was then Eve, the disobedient daughter, not a Goddess equal to the god of the testament, but a child with…


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  •    Most religion is of dictate and dogma, where there is a leader making followers, those  who then lose themselves as they then follow in a space of spiritual non-participation. I have experienced Wicca as a spiritually free space of inner and outer exploration of the known and unknown universe. As a Wiccan I am allowed my own vision and insight; the meaning of Goddess. In the name of Gaia, Goddess of Earth, for the day of All Mothers, here is my ritual of Bell, Book and…

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I'm a neopagan, and I have not pledged the Rede

I think the Rede of "harm none" is beautiful yet nigh impossible for me to live by. Things could change, and I could change, but in the meantime I must keep my technology and my chicken salad. It's difficult for me to type out my feelings, but I will try...


I haven't mastered psychic access to the Akashic Records, but I have the Internet. Generally speaking, all the things needed for me to use the internet first come from Mother Earth. Large areas of Her natural resources are…


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What is a Wicca

    So much dictate is used for whatever reason to speak of what a Wiccan is; but in Wicca we know we can look within for answers needed and  also look to the Earth through nature for faith in creation. Here there is no dictate, only truth that changes and is also solid. I am old now, fifty five, I remember being twenty-five, and as a Wicca I accept what must be. Is it better to be an old witch than a woman in youth. I say yes because I have acquired wisdom. There is no book or rule to tell…


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Magick Sounds Like; Magick Looks Like; Magick Smells Like

What does Magick sound like? What does Magick look like? What does Magick smell like? Magick is about using all of your senses, so let’s see how this has been done since ancient times.

We’ll start by talking about how Language is used in spell casting.

Next – Color Magick!  How does a color's vibration effect you, and how can you use that in your magickal practices?

And lastly, the sense of…


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Synchronicity and Family

  To Lydia my birth sister and to Randy my brother through marriage, the fact that you were both born on May 4th, 1964 is much more than coincidence, it is a MYSTICAL SIGN of what was meant to be. It is a cosmic sign- post that we are a family in a continuance that is forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA AND RANDY. May 4th, 2015,  Your sister, laurel.

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Synchronicity and Family

  To Lydia my birth sister and to Randy my brother through marriage, the fact that you were both born on May 4th, 1964 is much more than coincidence, it is a MYSTICAL SIGN of what was meant to be. It is a cosmic sign- post that we are a family in a continuance that is forever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA AND RANDY. May 4th, 2015,  Your sister, laurel.

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 HAPPY BELTANE. To any who may have tried to connect earlier I'm sorry I missed you. My main purpose for being here is to give and send Blessing and to speak of our beautiful home Earth, in the name of the Goddess Gaia in the way of the Wiccan. Now as the time of light begins, we look about and see the springing forth of all our Earths bounty in it's full flowering space of spring, summer and fall. Feel joy in this time because of the Earth itself and the Blessings of our home. On October…


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Birthday, the meaning of a gift. What can I give to you?

  Can I give you what you need  as a wish giver? I may and will so, for what you truly need will given. So mode it be, through the source of all. Wiccan. Now enter the time of darkness, May first.

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Blessed Beltane!

This week, we celebrate Beltane! Beltane occurs on Friday, May 1.  It's a festival of Fertility and Love as we welcome the flowering of Nature's Return. In our mythology Beltane represents the Mating of the Goddess and the God. It's The Original White Wedding!

So, we'll talk in more detail about the meaning and significance of May Day from our earliest history.  Plus we'll talk about the mythologies and customs that are traditionally associated with Beltane.  And, while we're at it;…


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Spring Cleaning

Here we are well into the Spring season.  Have you done any Spring Cleaning yet?     It's time we Hop to It!   

The idea of Spring Cleaning actually goes way back, and we'll take a look at why Spring has become the time when we Clean House.  


And, while House Cleaning IS TERRIBLY, BORINGLY mundane, it does have magickal implications, and so we'll talk about some ways we can bring our Magick into our chores in some very powerful ways.

While we're clearing out our…


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Ritual For Home for balance and serenity

       This involves material objects.  Find a space in your home for a tea light, then chose a candle holder, make it personal to you. Know the four elements ,FIRE, WATER, AIR, and EARTH. These objects to be placed before your alter. The candle is Fire, but you may chose what  fires meaning is to you. The , the element is male, as it is lit, the next is water, the feminine, chose an object that represents water to you, I have chosen sea shell to represent something that contains life, next…


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Bell Book And Candle. So mode it be.

           One of Tree, one of falling leaf. Teach all of Wicca of life in the circle. Of spring and the beginning and of new life coming forth; our youth and childhood as is your will. And tell us of summer, a child no longer, in the full green leaf of young adulthood. Teach now of autumn, the changing colors beautiful, rich and showing the wisdom as you change, in the beginning of the fall. Falling to the earth, in the way of the spirit and faith, as elders becoming and glad to be so. And…


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A Blessing For Bletrane For April 30 th The Beginning of The Space of Light

May the snow melt of winter become of gentle streams,to be the winding water that takes us all  into the warmth of summer, there for all to drink of.  BLESSED BE. laurel.

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Spring Visions

........I'm dedicating this weeks show to one of the Five Cardinal Elements, the Element of Air. It's a good topic for April because, by many traditions, Air is associated with Springtime and Day's Beginning.

Usually associated with Men's Mysteries, Air is most often thought of as on the Mental Plane.

The Romans gave the month of April it's name, which they called, Aprilis. For the Romans, it signifies a time of unfolding leaves and flowers.

So we'll take a look…


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