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Independence Day and the Goddess Columbia

This week we celebrate our nation's Independence from Mother Britain by recognising our very own Goddess, the Lady Columbia!  

Columbia is a historical and poetic name used for the United States of America and is also the name of its female personification.

What would the Goddess Columbia's attributes be? Democracy for one - you know; I don't think the Greeks had a Goddess of Democracy- so this is an original!  Certainly, Liberty and Justice.  The Romans had the Goddess…


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The energy running

At first looking back I never would've thought I'd end up being into celtic etc because I was brought up catholic. A church and catholic school etc but I strayed off like a bird flying from the nest for the first time. I stumbled onto wiccan and craft online and was intrigued. I never would've guessed I'd be a witch and I am happy that I am. The new energy running through me is like I'm laying in a field of herbs and flowers without a care in the world.Ever feel like that?

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The Flora of Coahain. Those To Be Found in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada, California.

    As a Wicca, I found my faith through Nature, and the Source of All of All Things. As I practice my craft through ritual I try to assist living things such as plants. In One I seek to nurture and never destroy. So Mode It Be.

These are the given names of wild  plants that still come forth from where I live, and they may also be endangered through human destruction. Seek to find then for their continuance, and care about them as you do. May your will be done in harmlessness. BLESSED…


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The Apex of Light

Happy Coamhain, all Wiccan and Druid.
There's a Sparrows nest outside my window, held in the cradle that is One, the Tree of Life that shades us and shields us into the night. The nest they are in is a circle, at the time of the apex of the Sun. And as it is now Summer they will soon take wing and fly, and as we know the season we will always look to the sky. WELCOME SUMMER SOLSTICE. June 21st. 2015

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The Apex of Light

Happy Coamhain, all Wiccan and Druid.
There's a Sparrows nest outside my window, held in the cradle that is One, the Tree of Life that shades us and shields us into the night. The nest they are in is a circle, at the time of the apex of the Sun. And as it is now Summer they will soon take wing and fly, and as we know the season we will always look to the sky. WELCOME SUMMER SOLSTICE. June 21st. 2015

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A Midsummer Celebration

Happy Midsummer, everyone here on the northern half! The sun is high in the sky, the air is all warm and friendly. Let's stay up real late, then we can build some fires and roll them down the hills!. It's been done forever, it's still being done now and it will always be done.

We in the Pagan community know the summer solstice by many different names. Probably the most popular is the Wiccan name of Litha. We'll talk about where the word Litha comes from and what the holiday means for…


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RE-INCARNATION The Earth As Our Classroom As We Become Fully Conscious In The GODHEAD

       Out origin is debatable, but what I as a Wiccan call ONE, or the SOURCE OF ALL, I believe has instilled in every human being the ability to become more of consciousness and thus a full participant in that source. This has been called COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS and ENLIGHTENMENT. I believe we are not to turn our individual ability over to a religious system where there are leaders and followers, that may en- mass bring forth, but  is mostly mindless in what is manifested and can in theory…


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           Weeks ago a Blessing was sent for the Beltane; at the end of the Blessing was written, 'As we enter MAY, now begin the time of dark. This is given to the circle that is the Earth and for us who live upon it to remember others in their season. In my continent of North America, we are about to enter Summer on JUNE 21st. While in Australia on the same day they are about to enter their Winter. The Circle that is of LIGHT and DARK in balance and harmony, as in the time of light there…


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The June Bride

..................................June continues to be the most popular month for getting married. So, my theme is for this week is  The June Bride.

Political conservatives in this country insist that marriage can only mean the union of one woman to one man, under the witness of their Abrahamic so-called "God".  We Pagans know better than that. But there's still alot of assumptions about marriage that we've inherited from mainstream society and we don't much question.



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The Fortune Coin for Blessing of the Spirit

      This casting of Blessing begins with found money, nickels, dimes, quarters and of course pennies. These are usually located in parking lots of places where money is exchanged. When ever I shop I scan the lot I am in and usually  five times out of ten, coins are there to be found. These 'pennies from heaven' are to become the essence of real fortune and are not to be spent but always kept. For the ritual Blessing to begin take the found coin and place it in a container, preferably of…


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A Ritual Space for Casting of Blessing

  For the willing of Blessing you would chose objects of a personal nature, things that are of value to you, large or small, and collect them as you will. When you have acquired what you believe is correct for your personal space for giving of Blessing, arrange them in the place where you spend most of your time; here is where your spirits energy is as its height and is accumulated through your presence. This is your Ritual Space, a place of Blessing for you and for others you may cast…


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Music In Ritual

I've been thinking a lot about the power of music lately. Well, I always think about the power of music; but it's been tapping me on the shoulders quite a bit of late. So this week, let's talk about the role that music plays in ritual!

Music was important to the Chinese philosopher, Confucious, as it has been for shamans around the world and down the ages. In fact I have a little story that tell us just exactly how music came to the earth way back when.

And central to music is…


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Our Source is Not of Dictate. .

   The god of the Bible is of dictate, the book where  HE is OUR SOURCE. Where HE is a dictator demanding obedience through threat of our death. And how can you love this god except in fear of your existence? and how can fear ever inspire love?  Our source is not of dictate or of rules brought forth by the will of men. We know as Wiccan and Pagan inherently to do no harm, for it was instilled within through our SOURCE, the one of compassion and life  who chose not man before woman or son…


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    Considering some organized religious systems and their capacity for destruction through their faithful, a return to the ancient is really what is needed in the 21st century.Before Judaism, before the birth of Christianity, Ancient people worshipped, they had ritual and they weren't godless. The source of the universe was contemplated by our ancestors as they looked to nature for spiritual truths. When you consider for instance how destructive Judeo-Christianity has been as the Bible is…


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At this time on Earth the pagan may be considered as  'primitive' with all the negative that comes with the Word. I believe that the cornerstone of purity is of early paganism. Those of the past who knew of the source of things through nature, the natural world. The god and goddess known through the androgynous; plants and trees then the perfect source of faith. The tree symbolic of the creative force of all things, still the perfect symbol for modern times. Consider the Celtic cross that…


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Mystery Cults

..This week let's go way back in time to talk about Mystery Cults!  Mystery religions were religious cults in Ancient Greece and Rome.  Participation was reserved to initiates and secrecy was kept as to the particulars of the initiation and the cult practice in general.   But how did these sects function within their societies?  Were they accepted?  Were there conflicts?  Talking just about this one aspect of life in Ancient Greece and Rome can give great insight into how people back then…


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Family, Friends and Familiars

A Familiar. What is family that is not human? Those who know you, and accept and understand as you sacrifice for them.  One Familiar in my house is difficult to photograph so her image cannot be displayed. She is a  Beta named Ryn. I found her in the standard pet shop setting, she was in a small plastic cup, the Betas stacked on top of each other, she was near the bottom of the stack. I saw her as one of the disposable, not likely to be chosen compared to the more colorful ones available. I…


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     When the name GOD is used or spoken, do you automatically think HE? I have found many do if not consciously, and this notion is a main contributor to atheism. In ancient paganism the Goddess was acknowledged alongside the God, she his equal in full strength of mind. It was in the time of the Old Testament that  the God began to dominate, thus silencing the Goddess where the female was then Eve, the disobedient daughter, not a Goddess equal to the god of the testament, but a child with…


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  •    Most religion is of dictate and dogma, where there is a leader making followers, those  who then lose themselves as they then follow in a space of spiritual non-participation. I have experienced Wicca as a spiritually free space of inner and outer exploration of the known and unknown universe. As a Wiccan I am allowed my own vision and insight; the meaning of Goddess. In the name of Gaia, Goddess of Earth, for the day of All Mothers, here is my ritual of Bell, Book and…

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