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being a chaos mage.

Being me is way more complex then any of you think, since 5 weeks ago I realized something quite true, there is no proof God exists, therefore there is no proof the Gods exist either, therefore with this knowledge, my faith in the Gods has been shattered, and now that is has, it makes my life a whole lot simpler, because faith is good in moderation, but blind faith is bad in all forms, so with this revelation I say that until there is absolute proof that the Gods, and Jehovah/Allah/YHWH, exist… Continue

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6 days.

Hello peoples, My 18th b-day will be on March 19. Wish me a good one!

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Drug Advertisment a blog for Milton Bakke

Hello and Merry meet Milton Bakke, you have posted 87 blog post about nothing about synthetic drugs. And these drug posts have nothing about the side effects or purpose of the drugs, but nothing but materialistic buy it, buy it , buy it. Why should I buy it, why should i support you with my precious Canadian dollar when I don't know what the drug is for and what it does, I don't know if all these fancy names are substitutes for illegal drugs like cocaine, dop, or heroine, or cyanide tablets and… Continue

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I don't care (a rant by Earth's Outcast)

I don't care about foreign drugs from shipping companies

I don't care about fundamentalist bullies, they CAN go to hell

I don't care about know it alls who think they know EVERYTHING (get over it)

I don't care if your different, I will be your friend

I don't care if your from another religion or if you don't believe in religion, I will be your friend

I don't care if you like gothic/heavy metal/emo, etc lifestyles and music,

cause I will still be your…


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For those who like to role play

This is a blog post telling any new ppl, or older ones, about Arion's Interdimensional Tavern. If you have a personalized persona and you what to make him, or her, known, join the Tavern and join in on the adventure and meet other ppl who like to role play. And if your into going in on daring adventures in Faerun, Join in on the thread "Silverymoon Lining and join Dritlin and I in fighting the Warlord God and his evil allies.

Hobey ho, let's go
BB LC (Zuma Ragnarok)

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For divination, i use runes. The Old Norse rune style is what I use. If anyone wants their future read by me and my runes, just post your questions one at a time. (please do not post stupid or flippant questions, for the runes don't answer those kinds of questions at all)

Also, my predictions come true.(I tried my skills on my Middle School classmates and they were all astonished by the accuracy) I am still a rookie though, and I haven't mastered the art of Rune reading yet. I have a… Continue

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Vows and Oaths

Vows and Oaths are two different ways to invoke Divine Magic, they could be done via sacrifice, artifice, runes, or simple prayer.

Warning: Do not try to try flippancy with Vows and Oaths, these magicks are sacred to the Gods or Spirits you are trying to invoke, and you will no doubt not get any magic WHATSOEVER if your flippant and disrespectful.

Vows and Oaths are also good for getting a little extra magic for certain high level magicks, and it is at the God's or… Continue

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My favorite RJ (Racist Jokes) No Offence intended.

1. Q: What's a Jews favorite candy?
A: Ju Jubes

2. Q: What is a bus filled with white ppl called?
A: Twinkey

3. Q: What is it when 2 black guys have a white guy between them?
A: An Oreo.

4. Q: What do you get when you cross a cat person and a drunk?
A: A Catholic.

5. Q: What's White, Has a cross, gasoline and a match?
A: A Klaner killing himself in a fire.

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This is 2009 and I really love this site, have lots of friends, ppl understand me, and I have lots of support, hopefully I get more of the previously mentioned and more ppl come to this site and share a little piece of themselves and I can share of myself with others.

Blessed be.

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My way to the Path

Happy Greetings my friends. I can only say that my kind of magick is Runic and chaotic for I use a Chaos/rune magic mix that has devastating and sometimes very protective results. "I was once touched by Death, but I still live."

Added by Earth's Outcast on November 16, 2008 at 9:30am — 8 Comments

Hello people

I hope you all the best of your lives and that you all honor the dead as you honor yourselves. I also hope that this site, that will be filled with all faiths and beliefs will have no racism, ageism, or petty hatred within its walls.

Blessed be.

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