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A night with Her

By Renee’


A special dinner

That's what I set out to do

To show her how special she was

To show her my love was true

A candle light dinner

We sat down to eat

Looking deep into her eyes

Our souls did meet


After we ate dinner

To the couch we did retire

Curled up together with a movie

And the sweet glow of a fire

So relaxed and content

A feeling of heavenly bliss

On the back of her neck

I placed a sweet soft kiss

It sent a shiver down her spine

And she turned and held me tight

Whispering softly in her ear

Will you make love to me all night?


 I told her, I'll be right back

As I got up off the couch

Into my bedroom I went

I sprinkled hundreds of rose petals on my bed

So it would be sweet and soft for my lovers head

Hundreds of rose pedals

White, yellow, pink and red


Back to the lounge I went

And took her by the hand

She glowed like the full moon

As she got off the couch to stand

I walked behind her down the hall

With my hands I covered her eyes

So she couldn’t see anything

Especially the candle and rose pedal surprise

I had waiting for her

When we got to the door

I let her see my surprise

It took away her breath

She just couldn’t believe her eyes


I took her by the hand

And softly kissed her lips

I pulled her close to me

And up her arm I ran my fingertips

We made passionate love all night

The two of us became as one

Desire, lust and passion burning hot as the noon sun

The sweat of our bodies

Glistened in the candle light

She turned and whispered

I want to eat from you once more

Climax after climax

We made love for hours

Until finally we collapsed into each other’s arms

Sometime just before sun rise


We curled up together

Holding each other oh so tight

The glow of the candles

Was our lovers nightlights

Lying next to her

I rubbed her back with my hand

Just lying there looking at her

As she drifted off to dream land

As I watched her sleep

I smiled and felt content

For I just made love to

My princess, my siren, my vixen

My sweet lesbian lover

I softly whispered

I love you

She smiled

And said I love you too


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Comment by Decimus Marcius Malleolus on January 19, 2012 at 2:36am

awww that was beautiful, loved it

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