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The sanity of a witch will always come into question. Especially as we progress further along with psychological advancements. An example clar-audience & clar-voyence, the abilities to hear & see events that haven't happened are being attributed to mental illness.

Now before I even voice my opinion on this let me state that surviving through life everyday could make you crazy.

E.S.P. is the one thing that just about every witch strives for. Whether it's through using tools such as, Tarot (the "t" is silent) ,Rune's, Astrology, by other tools,or by natural talent.Natural talent is where it can be the most dangerous for the witch in question.1 If not properly trained the abilities can be overwhelming.2The inability to distinquish between a spirit guide and a voice associated with a mental disorder. On another note I have noticed so many have wanted so badly to fit in that within the Pagan communities, That they'll conjure up drama just for the attention. Just because your feeling blaaa this afternoon doesnt mean that there's another Witch out there casting a spell on you. More likely it's the bag of Oreo Double stuffed you just chased with a pint of cherry garcia ice cream. Be prackticle in your magic people, We have enough to worry about in our lives. And for as quickly we take these gifts for granted. The moment we get smug or arrogant, We can loose them just as easily as, all of that hard work you put in to get them. So as a cautionary tale: For all the visions & voices that guide our paths lead us not to the asylum, but safely home

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Comment by Rowan Canterbury on February 13, 2009 at 6:16am
I completely agree. It is especially hard as a child. Being different in this world is a journey in it's self.

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