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A year after Neda's death, Iran movement continues - Role of Disobedience in Society?


I know this doesn't seem like a Pagan news article that I'm sharing, but I wanted to share it to make a couple of points. I was just writing in Cameron's blog - his article about why do Pagans disparage each other? And I was thinking about it and saw this article... In Iran there is a civil unrest which now seems to have gone underground... But it is an unrest based on huge issues of rights and beliefs and political views in a tormented country.

What does it take for a group within a society to bond together and realize common objectives and therefore set upon a new vision?

I think this is a good example of how a group can join together, under extremely difficult circumstances, to fight for a cause that greatly would improve their daily life/culture/society - if they succeed. In America the Pagans are basically invisible as an entity. In America the Pagans are disparaged greatly (too put it mildly). In America the Pagans have the constitutional rights to live and practice their worship as they prefer (generally - not isolating weird laws in any local area).

So, why is it that even Pagans are not at least supportive and then even more hopefully joined politically? Are all Pagans anarchists to the US political structure? Are they separatists to the point of being a-political? I would enjoy to know if there are any active groups that are seriously focusing on grouping together under Paganism and pushing forward democratic rights for their own good. Is there such a thing as a Pagan political action committee?

Also, while you consider that question, also consider that the Christians, Jews and Muslims are quite joined and active in politics worldwide, not just in the US. Regardless of how do you think that helps or hurts them - consider this perspective - as a comparison of Pagans in the US, don't you agree that the Christians, Jews or Muslims are more cohesive and therefore more effective on the political scene and therefore have been able to put forward their group interests in the culture and society more than Pagans?

I hope to hear from you....

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Comment by Cameron S. on July 7, 2010 at 6:29am
Honestly you raise some very good questions. I for one would like to know as well if there is a Pagan Political Action Committee, and if there is not why the heck we don't have one. The closest thing I have found was this website. maybe it will help clear things up for the both of us as I myself will be reading it after I write this. link--------> http://www.religioustolerance.org/wic_orga.htm

I wonder myself why we are not more politically joined. I mean you would think that we would be considering we have areas that have "Pagan Pride Days" and pagan gatherings such as PSG (pagan spirit gathering)

to Answer your first question I would say they need a common goal with enough support to actually succeed in that goal.

Though now I wonder just why we don't have more people willing to actually do so....

Why don't "WE" (The pagan community) try and broaden our harizens and expand more like say christianity dose? Some pagan believe that we are superior to other religions, yet look at us compared to them.

We are not as open, we do not come together as much as we should? and we are more scared then we should be.

It is my opinion that we should try and get some political aspects involved that are pagan. Even though we are diverse in many ways from one another, we could still find away to get at the very least remotely involved.

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