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A poem by My Sweet Renee', Rest in Peace, I miss you so....


An Angel’s view

By Renee’


Standing on this roof top

Staring at the dark nite

How calm the sparkling lights look

The city spreading herself like in a book

How cold is this nite!

How fair are your starry skies!

This gentle breeze

How it my dress does tease

All seems at peace

But what lies under thee

Is not beauty

Its lies


Millions of tears, I feel

Beat at my heart’s every fear

In anguish I feel all the pain

From the dead in their cold graves

To the silent weeping of a lost lover

I hear their distressed calls

Streaming through my minds hall

This veil of hurt

Calls me from my rest

It is so loud

It wakes the dead


Why am I cursed with all these emotions?

How can I be at ease amid all this pain!

The hate, the tears, the crimes

I feel each stabbing blow

Why is this life so slow?

Homeless children

Cold, hungry and alone

Their cry for just a piece of bread

But slaves we would rather make them

Forcing our sexual disgust upon them

How can I be at peace!

How can I take rest!


Cheated lovers, broken hearts

Knife cutting

My gut is wrenching

Lost hopes, begging for forgiveness

Unanswered calls

I feel this pain

Where the fuck is the soothing rain

Wrong words said

Now she lies among the dead

If only? Is all that is said!


Comrades in arms

Fighting to bring peace

Can’t they understand!

There is no release

For wars shall never cease

For only the innocent shall suffer

Why are their beliefs so wrong?

In this life you are born weak and helpless

Then grow to believe you are strong

Yet the actions you make

Will leave ours in hurt and pain

Stop this Blood rain


So looking out over these dark skies

You don’t fool me, in your quiet peace

For this endless pain I feel will never cease

One step is what I should take

The a short fall

And it will end this all

But these wings on my back I feel

The Goddess gave

My plight is the world to save

Yet I am only one

And this evil is so strong

How can I now rest!

When this life is doing her best

To destroy it’s self


















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