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Im looking for someone to help further my learning of the craft, at the moment all i have is myself and my mate, im very open to learning my due to the strictness of my guardian i can only learn through this site until i graduate highschool (which will be in december), if anyone is willing to help me out it would be much appreciated, but i kinda have a issue with certian personalitys that many people have so ill have to have a convesation with a interested person before i am sure i want to learn from you, but other wise if you are intrested email me here and tell me you are.


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Comment by Gaia's Sacred Circle Coven on September 26, 2010 at 11:49am
Hi. My name is Rhiannon. I have a profile as long as the one for our coven which I am using to contact you with. We do offer classes and we do have a discussion group on Yahoo. We also have a FB page, a Witchvox page, and a Myspace page. We just finished the yahoo group page and I have added folders for different things. I guess I am curious about what you do know and what you want to know about. I am on yahoo messenger as well. (sassyrebelgirl2u) Here is the link for the yahoo group. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gaias_sacred_circle/) If there is anything else you want to know, just contact me.
Comment by Rene Louise Knighten on August 9, 2010 at 12:05pm
I am here to help u in anyway i can...i myself was born and raised wicca...and my husband is a druid...so if u have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at anytime and i will be happy to talk with u about anything u wish to discuss. Blessed Be
Comment by kai on July 10, 2010 at 9:26am
the problem of asking for apprenticeship is that you need to have at least a slight idea of what you want to be...
when you have acknowledgment of the way you think you want to travel (celtic, bardaigh, strega, etc.) then you can ask for a guide-person for it...

things you can think to help people guide you from where you already are:
first, tell what base of knowledge you have (like: what gods do you already know of/like? do you know how to play tarot or other kinds of divination?)
then, what do you want to learn more...
probably you will have more than one person helping you to evolve and learn your own craft, or following with them their craft, but in the end you can always find what seems to you the path that chose you to get to the gods...

you can ask me if you want to learn about something...
I'm looking for someone to guide me too, so I'm not able to tell you "I know all about this, and that other thing too" but as I'm incredibly drawn by curiosity, if I don't know something you ask me I get the hell out of my time to find the answer and give you (and this way I learn too XD )

I'm currently learning about tarot, the nordic goddess Saga (lady of poetry, music and stories), the gaelic and finnish languages (to read the legends, rituals and poetry in their own languages) and am starting (or teying to start) my studies in herbs... and as I'm normally studding lots of stuff at the same time I easily forget what I already studied or learned when not asked or don't need to use in the moment, so if you don't ask for something I won't remember it to teach you XD
Comment by ranoc on July 4, 2010 at 6:01am
if u need lessons then i am here i will tell u my skills I my self am looking for an apentice ship but i cant find anyone to teach me the dark arts.... but if u want to learn what i already know then i will tell u things i can teach ... u could learn how to summon a demon and controle it , how posses people with demons and control them , kill any living creature u want with the death spell or maybe u just want learn a simple luck spell that actuay works i did not even think there was such a thing it gives u most of the luck with the ladys hehehe booya... or if u ever get in a fix ...a spell that will give u all of your strength at max power at your wim but afterwards you will be tired enough to sleep all day

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