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My son is 10 weeks old, and I completly understand having to tell family to back off as far as religion goes. My father-in-law is a christan minister, and my mother was a/ is a? pentacost. She right now is on a path of discovery, I think, though she will still frown on my family (me,my husband, my son) are pagan. It is this enviorment that my own son will have conflicting ideals pushed at him. My only concern is that he learn about many paths of believing, and decides what way is right for him. But he wont condem me like my mother and father-in-law will. My mother is a hard person and would only roll her eyes at me and tell me to grow up should I tell her that I'm a pagan. I'm not ashamed, but neither do I want to get into an all out family brawl and be more of an outcast in my own family than I already am. Heh, It's really sad how narrow minded they are. It's sorrowfull, to think that they can't broaden there minds even a little bit to try and understand it. My mom, well, she's never been the warmest of people. I mean she loves me, but has a hard time showing it. Like when I told her I was going to College, she just told me (over the phone) that that was great. But her voice was dead-pan. No enthusiasm. I really had expected more. Since my son Jack was born, it's kinda like I have taken the back seat in the relationship we had. Though she showed way more excitment at the upcomming trip in January of 2012 to Las Vegas when I turn 21, ( my cousin does to and were all going) That made her happy, me telling her I'm going to school for a Bachelor Sience Degree with a major in Alternative medicine...nada. I don't think I ever really made her proud of me... i suppose I reminded her too much of my father. He's been out of the picture since I was like 9. It is my single regret that so far I cannot let go of my hatred for him. I wish I could. Even more so that my son (or any other children) will never meet one of thier grandfathers. So anyway, I feel a little bit better now that I've said all that.

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