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     So this is my first post on this site, and not to say the least. I am definitely new at it. I've been reading through the blogs and forums of this site and it is riddled with "I'm am new and need help" posts. Regardless of what it is you have come here for, help and guidance is I feel we all seek in life. I am not saying I am right or wrong, this is a matter of my opinion. I have fully taken for granted have a religious freedom in my country, and not fully utilizing my free time. I wrote this post tonight to start the hopefully many that shall come in the next year or so. I mainly joined to help my creative flow, new ideas, and to hopefully gain a few friends in the process. I live with my boyfriend and he is not religious, or spiritual, and he makes it known when I ask him what he thinks about my beliefs. I do not want to make him uncomfortable, or make him feel that I am pushing anything on him, so I decided on my own a few months ago to join this site so that I can participate in the community that I am having trouble finding physically around me at this time. 

     I was raised in two houses; one christian, and the other non-secular. My father, who I claim I take after more, is a non-religious man but with pagan values. As I am maturing and growing in life I have been drawn towards the magick, and mystery of neo-paganism. I am not however close minded in my ways. If you ask me I believe in everything until proven otherwise. I do not wish to tread on anyone or anythings feet during my existence in this form of life. I do however have a hard time dealing with the thought of death, and what will happen after I leave this realm. I wish to one day learn before the event, and finally be at ease when it happens. 

     If you have read this thank you and please leave a comment on how you feel towards any of these matters, as I am always up for a good conversation. 

    Merry meet, Merry leave, Merry meet again! 

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