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I know this is going to sound very forward...but lately I have read sooooo many blogs and such on how people are so negative toward Pagan believers...

My advise...get over it...ignore it...and move on to becoming a better person and a more "whole" pagan. I have been pagan my whole life and have had the worst of it when it comes to discrimination. I used to dwell on it and let it get me so ticked off....I realized that THEY were winning. I was becoming negative and found that all I was doing was arguing with people about my beliefs. It got to the point that I even took a few years to explore (which I think everyone should do any way) every religion I could find...guess what...I came back home willingly and happily...I don't give a shit if people like that I am pagan or not...It's frankly none of their business...and I have no qualms telling them that...

In the end..I just realized it is about energy and what you will deal with and what you will deflect. I think many new pagans find it so irritating..and it is...but there is Ignorance everywhere...stupid people keep breeding...and I don't think they are going away for a long time.. so here are some tips...

1. if you know who and what you are...end of story...they can say all they want..they can sit in the corner and cry and bitch and call you names...it only makes them look bad.

2. Live you life! I wear a pentacle ALL THE TIME... I actually just had one tattooed to my back. I get asked all the time..Don't people give you shit...? No...mostly they don't...why...because I understand my Aura and hold my head high...I live a good life..and every day realize that my actions reflect on all my pagan family out there...but I don't stop living...and I will always be a pagan...

3. One day at a time...it took hundreds of years of lies and persecution to get the world to think we are this big of freaks...it's not going to go away over night...but it is..believe me..some parts of the world are granted..a bit tougher...but what choice do you have? Take each challenge and turn it to the good. Show um they are wrong and we are not a bunch of drug sniffing, orgy having loonies...(well some of us are..;)

4. Don't get so caught up in it that you forget to learn about your history and Magick...trust me..being pagan is a LIFETIME AND A HALF of learning...spend your time wisely.

5. When you get with other pagans...don't waste your time talking about ignorant idiots...again..they are winning..if you mind is on them....instead work on organizing more gatherings...networking..teaching and learning...growing stronger..for everyone's future...

6. Take a realistic look at yourself. Are you wearing your Pagan badge like a shield..is your face angry..are you over sensitive to any type of comments? I actually make fun of myself in a crowd of Christians...when you can laugh at yourself...it makes them a bit off set...If you are all uptight and angry...what kind of signal are you giving off and are you just brewing for a fight....I like to think I have Nothing to be ashamed of...and therefore find it comical that...they are so upset...kind of like ignorant spoiled children...and thus should be treated as such...I give respect to those that deserve it..no matter what religion they are..

7. When you have been pagan a looooooooooooooong time you learn all the good arguments..my favorite is...
Have you read the Bible? I have...maybe you should go back..study your own religion and come back when you are able to carry on a truly intelligent conversation......take your time...oh and by the way...just to help out a little...since I have studied both sides of the coin..you might want to jump of your high horse and study my faith a little...just a suggestion...I don't want you to come back with only 1/2 the information.....or better yet...I just stop talking and walk away...I won't be screamed at...or demeaned...I have to much respect for myself and others.....you have the power to choose your arguments and how you will react to other people.

Just wanted to get that out there....and hopefully it can help us move on and learn more about each other and our rich culture and history...and leave the hate and negativity where it belongs...out of our lives..and reflected back onto those .....remember....what thine sends out comes back to thee three fold....harm ye none...well it works on them as well..they just don't know it.....

Rowan Canterbury

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Comment by Cassandra on April 6, 2009 at 8:52am
I agree with you. If we worry about what they say or just keep arguing with them... they are winning. It's just better we live our lifes and keep our heads up. We have the right to be ourselves... no matter what.
Comment by Lady Euphoria on March 27, 2009 at 7:36am
I applaud !!!
Comment by Rowan Canterbury on February 17, 2009 at 12:55pm
Thank you for the compliment. I have enjoyed MANY of your posts in the past. I don't usually get much time to respond. I really have the hunger for spiritual growth and understanding. I have also learned that the best way to teach is many times by example. There seem to be so many Pagans out there bashing their heads against the wall..or going over the top..to prove...what I don't know. I am not a fan of zealotry in any form, not even from my own people....
Blessing and Love

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