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Good or Evil, White Witch, or Satanist?

I don't want to be repetitious, but, I really am sick of people asking me if I am a White witch, implying that anything else would be, ummm, sacriligious,lol! I had a nice woman online once, and we were speaking of "was I a witch"! I think she knew something must be up, as I was "speaking' to her on my other screen name, (note:sometimes I get over a thousand e-mails that I haven't gotten to yet, and AOL won't allow more than 1000, so, I have another screen name: Louiscypha@aol, which You can get me at should jazam2@aol.com's mailbox ever be full) anyway, i digress, I was speaking to her on louiscypha about our fur babies, when she asked me, was I a.....eeek, Satanist! I was actually surprised that she caught the name at all! You know how many people have NOT noticed the screen name, seen Louis, and just ASSumed I was a guy named Louis,LOL! Anyway, I felt compelled to tell her, no, I just liked the film "Angel Heart", and thought it was a cute idea! (She herself was a witch, but, THE GOOD KIND, of course! I do do like the film "Angel Heart" by the way, when Mickey Rourke still looked human!) Anyway, she was happy, and we were having such a pleasant conversation, I didn't have the heart to freak her out! Afterward, I felt, WHY DO I HAVE TO PUT UP THIS DUMB SHAM! And why do people have to associate Satanist, with every crazy psycopath that ever lived!!!??? It's ssso not fair! I would never Harm an Animal or a Child! About 4 years ago, I finally got to go to Salem Massachusetts! It was wonderful! Like coming home to mecca! Small but Bountiful with history! Now, most of the inhabitants are witches! I loved it! The police there actually wear patches showing witches on brooms, on their shoulders,lol! I said to myself, "are these real police?" They were, of course. Anyway, after visiting a few shops, I got the idea! It was better to be known as a White Witch! I saw many storekeepers wearing their star witch symbols around their necks! Me, I was wearing the Sigil of Baphemet that I had gotten from the Church of Satan. I hate to say, I wore it inside my blouse, when one cute guy in a store my cousin and I wandered into, said " in hushed tones" are you a member of the COS? I said, "what" when my cousin Joy tapped me on the shoulder and said:"he means are you a member of the Church OF Satan!" I said, yes, and showed him my Baphemet! He thought it was Kool, but said many don't! I replied that I had surmised that! I otherwise had a fantastic time! It's a great place! Good food too,lol! But hey people, I am still learning many different Healing techniques, philosophies, mystical paths, etc. I was born Jewish, and , according to Dr.LaVey, that is good, because we were never threatened with HELL all the time, so, it's not as if we are so repressed, that we are merely doing an about face! I am learning every day! I don't believe in turning the other cheek! I do believe that if someone hits you on the cheek, SMASH them on the other cheek! But, look at Jharma's wolf on her lovely page! It so captures the way I feel! Dr. LaVey had said"Look to be nice, but if the person is not nice to you, repay the compliment"! That's all for now Folks,lol One day, I'll tell you about my date from HELL,lol! Blessed Be to all, and keep learning!...Idelle

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Comment by Lenore on February 12, 2009 at 3:03pm
I'll e-mail ya my email is rainfallscold@yahoo.com so don't freak if you don't know that one! lol
That sounds like a lot of fun, reminds me of the Titanic museum in Branson (That i can hopefully go to soon)
Normally it's people without a clue that drive me insane (this one girl thought the equator was cold) but i've noticed lately that narrow-minded people are WAY worse! All of me friends are cool with it, one is somewhat scared of whitchcraft but he knows me well enough to decide that i won't harm him... he's cool though Actually my friend might be one she is currently experimenting with Wicca and i'm helping her So maybe i'm not the only witch in my little ol' town! :P
Comment by Idelle on February 12, 2009 at 1:16pm
Dear Lenore, You are awesome too! Mainly because you have an open mind, and are willing to learn, and not Judge!...Blessed Be Oh you have to get to Salem! You'll have a great time there! They even have a mock trial at the courthouse with people dressed as Puritans! You get to go inside(with paid admission of course,lol) , and take part in a "
'real' witch trial, just as it was done in the witch trials of the 1600s! Complete with inquisitors,that you can question, (those actors are good too,lol), and then you get to vote if you think that person is innocent or Guilty! Mostly everyone voted her NOT GUILTY, so they had to let the woman go,at least at that time,lol. Anyway, a great enjoyable book for you to read(they sell it in every shop in Salem). It's called "the Devil in Massachusetts", it was written by Marion Starkey, who grew up there, and it's all biographical! She writes in such a pleasant way though, as if telling a fictional story! It's not fiction though! All the names are real, and it's all down there in the Public records! You'll love it! The witch museum,oh, I want to go back,lol! I did a report on this book many years ago when in college, for History! Great book! salem is a great place to visit! If you want to e-mail me: my screenname is Jazam2@aol.com, for my 2 girl Yorkies, Jasmine & Amber,lol Good luck with all you do....Idelle and thanks for the lovely comment!
Comment by Lenore on February 11, 2009 at 7:50pm
Merry Meet

Awesome! i love it!
i personally am not a satanist but i do agree with some of it's teachings and so forth.
i really want to go to salem i'm hoping this summer, but probably not! lol
you have a great point and i really like talking to other witches. there are none where i live i live in basically a solid Christan community. not many witches there! :) Most people are cool with it though!

Marry Part
Comment by Idelle on February 11, 2009 at 4:01pm
This is a great post,lol! Why is my pic under my Blog Post? Idelle

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