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NONE OF THE FOLLOWING LINKS CARRY VIRUSES, BUT IT’S YOUR CHOICE, AND USE AT YOUR OWN CAUTION WITH THE “FREE MAGIC(K) SPELLS” PROMISE. Well, it’s best to cast spells for yourself. And remember, some may say they’re casting a, and I quote, “real spell that works like magic for free,” but they might charge you later OR, if they don’t, it might not work. Give it a try, and be careful. And remember, if they say magic and not magick, that’s a hint they might not be telling the truth. But some magic spells do work! It doesn’t always have to be a K on the end, because not every Witch/Wiccan/Pagan uses the k on the end to spell ‘magic.’ I’d advise Change Your Life Spells with the most careful of caution. I’d also advice Gaia's Wiccans which is my website - I’ll be casting real spells for free, and I know how it feels needing a spell, and I don’t want to get in legal trouble, so I won’t charge you and I’ll work hard to do your spell! - as well as others. Google, “spell cast free.” That’s where I found Change Your Life Spells, Black Magic Spells and Satanic Witchcraft (if you’re looking for black magick, and not all Witches use satanic and black magick, most don’t), Cast free wiccan spells for love and money, and Free Spell Caster.
All free spells under one roof. Reviews, Testimonials, and Success with Spell Casters is also something you could try. But although I’ve visited, and tried, all of these websites, you still should take personal caution and care. If you have Facebook, log in right now and join the Moon Magick Coven, because we’ll cast a free spell for you. All of the members will do many spells and rituals to help and for free ($0)! Many witches won’t cast spells for other. And if they do, they surely won’t cast them for free! But Gaia's Wiccans will. The Facebook group, Moon Magick Coven, will. And Change Your Life Spells will. But remember, it might not work for you. It did for me, though. Here’s what you have to do: BELIEVE BE KIND BE CAREFUL NOT TO BE STRESSED WHILE THE SPELL’S BEING CAST BE CAREFUL NOT TO DO SOMETHING MEAN, AS THE LAW OF KARMA MIGHT CANCEL AND RUIN YOUR SPELL. Remember, sometimes you need to use both magick and practical actions/thinking to solve a problem. But a little spells, as I’ve said before, wouldn’t hurt!

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