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If you care about your children, and there future you will read this.

If you care about your children and there future you will read this....

"Why are we so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me" by Coolio from the song Gangsters paradise I feel says it best.
Why do we not realize that our actions we do hurt those around us. We were all taught better then that or we should have been. How many people teach there kids decent morals these days? For example holding the door open for a lady or to at least say please and thank you. Hearing things as simple as may I please go and hangout with so and so for an hour instead of I'm going to a friends house and not sure when I'll be back.

As parents and people who help children we must ask questions such as who's house are you going too yet we need to allow the children to trust us enough to do so if we do not than what are we teaching our kids? do we want to teach our children to be dishonest? Is that the kind of moral we want to bring up and raise our children on?

Coolio lived in an area where you never know what might happen. Do to that lifestyle he saw so much pain, and such suffering. Is that what we wish for our children? If we do not show them what is ok, and we just leave it up to other people that they hang out with and see what are we showing,teaching, and demonstrating to our children? They have no choice in the matter for we are to blind to notice when our own children are hurting, and calling out to us. Coolio also states "They say we are here to learn, but nobody is there to listen. if they can't understand how can they teach us?" It's very sad, but very true so here's a reality check. Are we going to pretend everything is alright and live in a false reality that we make for ourselves as older people who have been here longer then younger generations?

It's time to face reality people Time to get more involved with the children. For they are the future and we need to create the pathway towords the future....There future. Who ever has a problem with the truth about it being us as oldergenerations teaching is not needed to create better morals can go back to living in there own dream land an I will light a candle for there children and all other children out there who has had bad parenting and not had the chance they could have. so I say to you If you don't believe what I'm saying spend three days out in the streets with no food no clothes no cell phone no roof over your head then tell me you understand what they go through. The fact is we have been doing a crappy job and we need to do better; no! We can do better and it is my hope we will.!

I have lived with some of these children worked with them helped them. I have lived out on the streets. If you believe we can do better then tonight be for you go to bed light a candle for all the children out there who could have lived..survived and helped out with so much potential. be for you go to bed and ask the God and Goddess to know that you will be there and help those children that come to you and that you understand that we create the path that they will follow I will be lighting a candle at 10:00pm Central standard time, and I invite others to join and do the same at that time

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Comment by Cameron S. on May 26, 2009 at 6:41pm
I will be lighting a candle for 2 weeks at the same time. I ask those of you who are willing to please join me
Comment by Cameron S. on May 26, 2009 at 5:27pm
not just those of the craft Desfrata, but everyone....

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