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This is a long post... so kick back, relax, make sure your glass of tea is filled. :)

I work with a woman who I have always felt was the most depressed woman I had ever met. We have phone jobs... in collections... and if a customer yelled at her (which happens daily) she would burst into tears. And yet... she has a parttime job at the State Penitentiary, so I didn't get it. Working 2 jobs and she had a hard time making ends meet and finding a place to live. I felt sorry for her.

We live in the upper midwest... where this time of year 30 degrees above 0 is considered a heat wave. (just kidding but it does get cold). She was living in a camper without heat. I couldn't let her live there... and even though I have a one bedroom apt.. it is big enough that I could move my bed to the living room and let her have my bedroom on the 2nd floor. She moved in October 15th... and moved out November 20th... by my request.

The depression is real... but the negativity is off the scale. Being an empath, I could feel the negativity when I came into the apt and often she would be in her room where I had no contact with her. There were other problems that it would be rude to discuss on this forum... but it just was not a good idea to have her here. She is just a co-worker again now... there are no hard feelings because I put the blame on what she called my cleanliness kicks (I feel she has to be in real emotional pain and it takes nothing away from me to let her believe it is my fault)... she accepted that.

Since she left I have cleansed the house with sage and salt. I have taken down the drapes in the bedroom and washed them, due to the cold weather I haven't been able to wash the windows yet and... I cannot move back into that space until I have cleaned the carpet and washed down the walls, there is that much negative energy left behind. I found that my cats would go into that room... and one of the cats would become very aggressive.. even biting one of my younger cats. (this is totally out of character) prior to the cleansing.

My question to the group is one I can't wrap my head around. How can a person carry around that much negativity and survive? I have been around negative people before.. and negativity breeds more negativity.. but never this strong. Does anyone know anyone like this? Do you have any insight on what makes them tick?

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Comment by gone on December 2, 2008 at 10:48pm
Looking around this site, I am seeing a lot of similarities amongst us all. I think we all must feel everything and anything a little more strongly than others. Many people mentioned on their home page that they avoided negative people and liked open and fun loving people. I guess that could be said of everyone, but maybe we all are attune to it more. I'm beginning to think that's why we are drawn to Wicca. We can feel the world around us as a living entity. Even before I knew of Wicca, I taught my children to thank the tree we cut down for Xmas for it's sacrifice. I guess that's kinda corny, but it felt right. Anyway, I am glad I found this site. Blessed Be!
Comment by erthgoddss on December 2, 2008 at 2:54pm
Nereida... I am the exact same way with my mother... or was. (she is in her 90's with an alzheimers like condition and doesn't know who I am). When I walked into her house... I could "feel" the tension, anger and negativity.

I wonder... do you think that perhaps our upbringing caused us to be empathic? Hmmm thanks for your comment... it makes me think a little more... which is always a good thing. (jeez... I sound like Martha Stewart don't I? LOL)
Comment by gone on December 2, 2008 at 12:26am
WOW!! So nice (well not so nice considering this exists), but nice to find others in the same situation as myself. I have a lot of difficulty with people I work with. One person is sooooooo very hateful and angry. The other two are a "devout" Catholic and a "Reaffirmed" Catholic. They, however, do not uphold the values of Christianity. Gossip, anger, spite and jealousy rule here at my workplace. I struggle each day not to be dragged down by it. I do the same as Evenstar except with a bath and scents. I will however try the shower. More visual.
On top of that, and closer to home unfortunately, is my mother. After we part company I physically have to blow out deep breaths at random intervals. My body literally forces me to do this, she so affects me. What a sad way to live.
So true about the choice. I have always said, "Attitude is a choice...make yours a positive one."

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