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I see you dancing on the floor

I take a seat at the bar

A double shot of jack

On the rocks

It's called sippin whiskey

And I'm gonna take my time

You see my eyes

Tracking every move of your hips

We both smile

I take a sip

You dance out the song

Movement is effortless for you

Your body melds with the beat

And become a hybrid

Of fluid motion and sound

I take a sip

And watch updates on Sports Center

Damn it's baseball highlights

I hate baseball

I take a sip

And hardly notice

As you approach the bar

You order something colorful

I make fun of your ridiculous purse

But with a smile on my face

You laugh

And ask my name

You're here with some of your girlfriends

But Shannon

Is getting on your last nerve

And they keep hating anyways

Cause you have on the nicest gear

I won't argue with that and

I take a sip

You take large gulps out of a straw

We both exchange stories

About how our friends drive us crazy

As if on cue

My friend Ray insults one of your girls

You laugh it off and finnish your drink

I take a sip

And tell Ray to chill out

You order another drink

While I switch topics

To music

You're 21

I'm 32

The age became apparent

When I reallized

I hate every band

You just said you liked

But you seem to take interest

In the bands I like


I take a sip

And we talk about Zeppelin

You're on your third drink

And find me

Terribly funny

I find a Gorrilaz song on the jukebox

You start to dance on me

So I put my hands on your hips

I squeeze a little

While letting your hips

Go where they may

You like how my hands

Feel strong

You look in my eyes

I smile

While sneaking my arm

Up to the back of your head

I pull on your hair

While your hips push into mine

Without knowing

You let out a little moan

In your startlement

The song's over

And you head back to the bar

I take a sip

And realize my drink is gone

I order another shot

While you slam another glass

I take a sip

You head out to take a smoke

With that girl Shannon

She's not bugging you now

As you hang off of her shoulders

Laughing like a lunitic

About something she said

The wolf pack follows the deer

And my friends and I

Find ourselves outside too

I hear sounds of vomiting


And spitting

Ray makes a joke

And we all have a laugh

Soon I find myself

Talking with you again

Rob ditches me on purpose

I have no choice but to ask for a ride

I say silent prayers to Nox

And by the grace of Summanus

You give me your keys

I struggle to follow your directions

But Hekate guides us home

Thank goodness

For the lords of the night

I'm your crutch

As we make it to your porch

You puke off the railing

I hold you from falling

You spin around and kiss me

Your breath tastes like

Ciggarettes, alcohol, and puke

Your tongue feels slimey

Like a vodka soaked eel

Invading my mouth

My hands squeeze your butt

And pull you into me

Our hips

Are joined

Our lips are locked

I pull on your hair again

And expose your neck

I plant my lips down

I form a seal

As I bite down

You moan in pleasure

And I kiss where I bit

My right hand

Starts to massage your left breast

My thumb pinching at your nipple

While the rest of my hands


You put a hand on my crotch

Smile as you felt me

And I push you down

On your couch

We slip and fall

Hitting the floor we both giggle

But our mouths lock once more

And I mount you

I pull your shirt up

And gently kiss your

Now very erect


You let out a moan

And I start to slide down

Your pants

I kiss you softly

Just on the outside of your thong

You love the way my breathing feels

And my soft lips

I feel the heat

Generating just below the fabric

We make love that night

I lost track of the time

Not sure how much sleep I got

But I felt pretty good

When I woke up

You yell for water

And I get you a glass

From your sink

You kiss me and

Write down your number

One of these days

I should give it a ring




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